Top Views for TrueStrange this Week

This small peaceful odd news blog has had little impact. This is good, from my perspective. I don’t want to be an “influencer,” I just want to say a few words about things I find of interest, like millions of others are doing. I just do it here rather than on Facebook because I learned to make web pages years ago and this way I don’t have to see any advertisements.

Below is a look at what people are interested in on this week: Mostly the all black chicken and the idea that C3PO has a silver leg but no one noticed. Also an artwork that looks like there was an ancient atom bomb (but it’s just art), and the claim of an “anti-gravity” flying platform powered by bug wings (uh, no.) and a few others.

Keep in mind that most of those views may be robots and crawlers that catalog the web constantly.


I’m small potatoes and I’d like to stay that way, thanks. I get email requests about getting this site on the front page of google searches, etc. but I don’t care about having a popular web site. I’m not selling anything, so I’m glad to have a site that is obscure and has only a few real viewers.

I hope you are well.



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