Odd Glitch: Cash Register Shows $5 Billion Eye Drops

The world’s most expensive eye drops may be found in the UK where a cash register showed the price for this one item equivalent to $5,082,429,897.60 United States dollars at current currency exchange rates.

A customer thought he needed his eyes testing again after he saw a till displaying a bill of £4bn for a bottle of eye drops at Specsavers.Martyn Chidlow had recently had an eye test and examination at his local store in Wrexham, north Wales, when he returned for the eye drops to stop his eyes getting dry.I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price on the screen, I’m glad I’d just had my eyes tested.

“I said to the assistant, ‘I was going to pay by cash but I guess I’ll have to use my card’.”

Source: Sky News

I had something like this happen, a cash register showed a hugely wrong amount for me for a deli meal once. Has it happened to you?


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