Solutions for Peace

It’s been stomach wrenching, the horrible acts of mass shooters in the USA lately. True Strange News thanks law enforcement for their heroic efforts and hopes the families of victims will find comfort. To do our part to change this horrific hate, True Strange News offers a few rays of hope: promising ways we might end or greatly reduce violence in our nation.

Growing Peace, a Practical Practice

Just Notice and Pause

Here’s a good first step: just notice when you get triggered and pause. Men who did this, account riding to PsychologyToday “are then able to make reasonable decisions. They no longer feed their aggressive emotions with destructive thoughts toward others, which, in turn, stops them from committing acts of violence.”

As I’ve said previously, I spend about zero time feeling anger, and I have a hard time understanding it when I see it in others. This tip, to notice and pause, is for those who do face anger issues, for whatever reason(s).

It is true and strange that individual self-awareness is a solution to many societal problems. Simply noticing and relaxing when someone pushes your buttons is a great diffuser. Why should you, though? You will make better life decisions in a good state of mind, that’s why.

Learn Why People Disagree

Disagreements are found throughout the animal kingdom. Animals have disputes over territory, mates, food, water, and behaviors. We humans are no different, plus we have added layers of religions and politics about which to disagree. We disagree, according to one web site for nine basic reasons. We disagree about

  1. facts
  2. definitions
  3. values
  4. signaling
  5. failures of logic
  6. group competition
  7. information processing methods
  8. default beliefs
  9. self-interest

This is an interesting way to look at the issue, I think. It seems that so much can be resolved, eventually.

It once amazed and frustrated me that basic facts are so disputed, but as I’ve aged, I’ve thought that this may just be the nature of the universe.

Still, are there any facts on which we all, everyone in this world agrees? No. Not in the year 2019.

Are there facts on which most people in a given are agree? Yes.

Are there agreed upon “facts” which are false? Most certainly.

Update Your Views

One solution for peace is to regularly challenge your own views on important facts. Are your facts wrong? If so, update your views. If you are correct, know why, the sources for your beliefs. If you are just believing something because someone else does, realize that your facts are personally unchecked. This is normal, as there is no time to check every fact.

Stay tuned for more workable peace promoting ideas.

Share this please, for the sake of peace.

Xeno, Director, the World peace Research Institute

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