Largest Hula World Record and Why It Matters

True Strange News: Sept. 12 — Getti Kehayova, in Las Vegas (@getti_hulahoops on Instagram) now holds the Guinness World Record for largest hula hoop spun by a female. Getti said she had to practice for a year to accomplish this record breaking hula and she used a protective vest to keep from damaging her ribs.

The former circus performer achieved the record by spinning a hula hoop measuring 17 feet and 1/4 inches in diameter around her body three times. (UPI)

Miss Kehayova told True Strange News recently that although her custom made hoop was constructed of titanium, a light metal, it was still very heavy due to its size.

The current male record is held by an Indian father-son duo, Krishan Bhatia, 51 and Kshitij Bhatia, 16. They broke the Guinness World Record for the Largest Hula Hoop Spun; twirling a giant hula hoop measuring 5.31 meters (17 ft. 4 inches). This record was previously held by Yuya Yamada of Japan, who spun a hula hoop of size 16 ft 10 inches.

Here’s why this accomplishment matters to us: One of the great things we do as humans is explore our limits and push beyond boundaries. This is why this reporter enjoys record breaker stories. The fact that someone worked this hard and successfully spun such a massive hula hoop can give us all hope that we humans can make it, that we have a fighting chance to explore our way out of the upcoming challenges we may face.

Keep up the good work!


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