Live Giant Squid + Lightning Coincidence

How smart is a giant squid? Do they have comprehension and powers beyond our imaginations? Just a week ago, in the Gulf of Mexico (June 18, 2019) a curious live giant squid was recorded for only the second time in history.  It approached the faintly blinking lights on a decoy which was disguised as a bioluminescent jellyfish.

… eight legs unfurl, revealing its large suckers that it uses to inspect the device. The moment the giant squid realizes that the lights aren’t a jellyfish, it jets away. …

“We’re talking about an animal that can get to 14 meters [45 feet] in length,” said Nathan Robinson, director of the Cape Eleuthera Institute, who was part of the team that recorded the video. “[The giant squid] has captured the imaginations of countless people, yet we have no idea what it’s like, how it behaves or its distribution — where you find it. It remains this mystery. We know it’s out there, we just know nothing about it.”

This highly unusual sighting next gets weirder. As the team is reviewing the footage, lightning strikes the boat and explodes the antenna the crew would have used to transmit the video to a squid expert while at the site.

Before the team could send the footage to a squid expert, lightning struck the ship.

“This all happened during a lightning storm,” Robinson told Live Science. “As we were crowded round watching this footage, we heard a huge crack. We ran outside — there’s a plume of black smoke bleeding out from the back of the boat because our antenna had literally exploded. And then we immediately ran back inside because we were like, ‘Oh my, what if that just fried all of our computers?'”

One of the computers on board was fried, but thankfully, not Robinson’s, which stored the giant squid footage. And if that wasn’t enough excitement, about 30 minutes later, a water tornado, known as a water spout, threatened their ship.

Read the full story at LiveSci

This is so astonishing, something right out of a movie.

As yet no one is claiming that the mysterious giant squid can control the weather to hurl lightning with great accuracy to attack ships, but think about the odds: A lightning bolt explodes the antenna and fries one of the computers as the team is looking at the footage on the boat, about to transmit it. Perhaps the squid can create bubbles of ions that float up past the water’s surface and into the atmosphere to act as a guide to direct lightning.

Below is another image of a different sighting. For perspective, the spooky human-like eye on this creature is as big as your head. The giant squid has eight legs, a parrot beak for ripping flesh and it carries around a CBS logo to help it’s branding for social media.

This video is from the most recent sighting in the Gulf of Mexico:

Now that we’ve had a look, though, could it be that giant squid like and deserve their privacy and we should politely leave them the bleep alone? I think so. If they want to venture out of the blackness and do a funky eight legged squid dance for us, they might, but until these BIG old creatures start broadcasting themselves legally on TV, I’d stop harassing them with fake jellyfish. Let them be. The next time, they may not just hit an antenna with lightning.

Is there anyone else like me who might enjoy seeing some more powerful and more intelligent species bring us down a notch? I think there have been UFO sightings near US military bases where our most powerful weapons mysteriously go offline. I’m not saying it was the giant squid … but then again, we know next to nothing about them. 😉

Are there several other stealthy intelligent species already on earth, smarter creatures than even these Thor Squids, beings who very purposefully stay hidden? We may never know.


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