Crows in San Francisco Bring Gifts for Food

True Strange News. September 3, 2019. Some crows in San Francisco are bringing gifts for a woman who feeds them.

“Melinda Green said she started feeding two families of crows that congregate outside her Marina District apartment about three years ago. Green told KGO-TV she and the crows have “rules established,” where they will watch for her blinds to be open and then come to collect treats from her fire escape landing and windowsill. … the crows started leaving her gifts in exchange for the food (including) portions of a champagne bottle, gummy bears, colorful rocks, bones, nuts and strange bits of antique electronics.

Examples of gifts from crows

“At this point I am sure they are gifts. They’re showing appreciation for the food,” she said. Researchers have documented crows bringing “gifts” to people who feed them in the past.” (UPI)

More examples of gifts from crows

Cats, Dogs, Dolphins, Crows and Ravens are among the few unique animals that have been regularly seen giving physical items as gifts to humans. Crow and raven gift photo credits: @the.realist.environmentalist @ibreakteacups @miatyrannosaurusrex


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