Man on Jet Board Highlight of French Festival

There were Bastille Day fireworks at the Eiffel Tower yesterday, July 14, 2019. During the day, French inventor and entrepreneur Franky Zapata piloted the jet powered aerial vehicle which he calls the Flyboard Air. This jet-powered howeverboard can travel about 6-10 minutes before running out of fuel (carried in backpack worn by the rider). It runs on Kerosene/Jet B fuel, generates about 110-115 db when in operation, and has a max speed of about 85 mph.

Franky Zapata drew attention during the military parade Sunday when he took to his “flyboard” device and zoomed above the proceedings.

Footage of Zapata, who was holding a rifle to demonstrate the potential military applications of his invention, was tweeted by President Emmuel Macron, who called the flyboard “modern and innovative.”

Zapata, a former jet ski champion, has demonstrated previous versions of his flyboard in the past, but Sunday marked his first appearance during an official military event.


If something like this was invented years ago, could it explain the “flying witch” that was reported by at least one police officer and was freaking people out in Mexico?

The time stamp on one video appears to be 5/17/2006.

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