Why paint stripes on cows?

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Why paint stripes on cows? Stripes actually discourage biting flies, so people are painting them on cows and even horses to improve the animal’s lives. Why does this work? One theory is that different heating of white and black areas confuses the flies, but I think my theory makes more sense. Here it is: Shrink yourself down to fly size in your imagination. What are you looking for? What must you avoid? My guess is that eyes of biting flies are very responsive to moving edges and this is for survival, it’s how they avoid being swatted. When they get close to zebra or any other stripes, it sets off their “incoming swat” alarm, so they stay away. I hope someone will do a real experiment to test this theory. An article on the Mirror says zebra striped cows experienced about half the normal number of flies and were thus less stressed out. https://bit.ly/2BjNKU9
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