Flying Objects seen over Pennsylvania…

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Flying Objects seen over Pennsylvania are balloon WiFi routers created by a company called Loon, a division of Google’s Alphabet. An official with Loon confirmed to NBC10 Philadelphia that “a number of balloons” were flying in the area the last couple days. The company plans to deliver Internet to remote locations using thousands of these devices being steered with automated systems. A YouTube video from April 2015 said company’s plant can manufacture thousands of balloons per day and that they are getting ready for world wide coverage with LTE service. Solar panels on the balloons power the portable cell towers with 100 Watts of power in full sun, enough to keep the electronics running, and charge a battery for night use. They will be trackable on Flightradar24 with the call sign HBAL if you have that app. All 15 balloons in the system were parked at the time this was written. #loonballoon #wifi alloon #wifiinthesky #oddnews #technology

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