Up to 6 ft of Ice: After Hot Month, Freak Hailstorm Covers City

My award for the strangest story today goes to a huge freak hail storm in Mexico. After a month of hot weather (up to the 90s,) the city of Guadalajara experienced a freak storm that damaged about 30 cars and 60 homes and covered the city in 3 to 6 feet of ice and snow.

Residents of Guadalajara, Mexico, woke up to an unusual surprise over the weekend, after an intense hailstorm left the city streets buried in snow.
Parts of the city were covered in up to 6 feet of snow and ice, as authorities worked to clear out the roads, according to CBS News. …

The weather is even more remarkable because, in the past month, the city had often experienced temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, NPR reported.

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The freak weather event also brought thunder and flash flooding, the latter which may have carried the accumulated hail and caused it to build up into massive piles.

Prior to the storm, Guadalajara had been experiencing summer temperatures of over 85°F. 

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On Periscope, @LeoSchwebel and several others posted video of what they saw in the city.

Tic tok posted this video of a scene from the city after the storm on YouTube


@HT_IC6 posted this photo on Twitter with the comment: “Last night. Let’s keep drilling, pumping, and burning fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow.

Time will tell if this is a one time event or the start of more frequent weather instabilities.


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