Ways to Save Earth: Pulling CO2 From the Air to Make Gasoline

I hear a lot of dismay out there about the environment, but I believe there is still hope for the planet Earth, that we might even reverse the ongoing Holocene extinction if we humans stop squabbling and really get our act together. As one great example, it is said to be possible to undo the greenhouse effect we have created by extracting CO2 from the air in order to reverse climate change. The technology already exists, in fact, it just needs to be scaled up. From its pilot plant in Squamish, British Columbia, Carbon Engineering has successfully developed and demonstrated … Continue reading Ways to Save Earth: Pulling CO2 From the Air to Make Gasoline

The Great American Right to Complain

For 30+ years as a news hound and reporter of weird stuff, I, Xeno, have believed it is the duty of Americans to speak up truthfully about what they like and dislike. We have the right to complain, to make things better. This was true in the past. Is it still? I like peace, non-violence, transparency in government and privacy and fair voting for the public. I oppose violence and support peaceful plans. I try to read a broad spectrum of news and ideas, but don’t agree with everyone or everything I read or see. Reading is not approving, obviously. … Continue reading The Great American Right to Complain

$5 Billion Fine for Facebook’s Privacy Violations, Wall $$?

Strange News Alert: Facebook is about to be hit with the largest fine ever imposed by the FTC against a tech company, 5 billion dollars, but the strange thing is, this is being called just a “slap on the wrist” for the super wealthy world social media giant. The FTC began probing Facebook in March 2018 following reports that political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica had improperly accessed the data of 87 million Facebook users. … Republican Congressman David Cicilline called the settlement “a slap on the wrist.” “This fine is a fraction of Facebook’s annual revenue,” he said in a … Continue reading $5 Billion Fine for Facebook’s Privacy Violations, Wall $$?

July 2019: Weird So Far

A bunch of big strange stuff happened recently around the world and it’s only the 3rd of July. On the 1st of July, up near the top of the world, 14 sailors died in a fire on a top secret Russian “nuclear powered” submarine in the Barents Sea. On July 1, a fire onboard a secretive Russian nuclear submarine killed 14 sailors before it was extinguished.  Via PopMech On July 2nd was a huge NATO anti-submarine exercise according to the Moscow Times. On Tuesday, NATO kicks off its annual anti-submarine exercise Dynamic Mongoose in the Norwegian Sea west of Andøya, … Continue reading July 2019: Weird So Far

Breaking: Riot Police Clear Protestors from HK Legislature

Update: 1:25 AM Hong Kong time. Police, followed by many journalists documenting the event, appear to have successfully cleared the now trashed Hong Kong Legislative Council building which protesters had smashed into and occupied earlier. Large ongoing protests have continued for months and this is just the latest development as many people of prosperous Hong Kong attempt to promote democracy and autonomy from mainland China. Previous: The situation is tense in Hong Kong as hundreds, possibly thousands of police in full riot gear are now clearing protesters who earlier in the day smashed into the legislative assembly building and occupied … Continue reading Breaking: Riot Police Clear Protestors from HK Legislature

Can I Keep Sharing News Excerpts Legally?

It is unclear if the Internet will ever ban the sharing of excerpts from news articles and stories. It might, even with “transformative” commentary added. As this site is non-profit and educational and links back to original sources, it may continue for some time. Still, I could see things swinging in the more prohibitive direction, so I try to keep an eye on legislation like the EU’s Article 17. As long as I’m not making money, I’m not a target, but there was a case where the AP sued a company called Meltwater over reselling its content. A federal judge … Continue reading Can I Keep Sharing News Excerpts Legally?

St. Patrick’s day: Leprechauns Once Wore Red, Not Green

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, 2019. This holiday, which many celebrate by wearing green, pinching those who don’t, drinking at parties and attending parades or other ceremonies, comes to us from the day, March 17th (461 AD) we believe a man named Patrick, a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland, passed away in Downpatrick. He apparantly used only the one name, Patricius (father of citizens), but had other names based on what he did and how he was known; He was also called Magonus (famous), Succetus (god of war), Cothirthiacus (serving 4 houses of Druids). St. Patrick is credited … Continue reading St. Patrick’s day: Leprechauns Once Wore Red, Not Green