Tornado Missed Hitting Earth + Weirdest Weather 2019

There is a city in the state of Texas named “Earth”. On or around, a tornado was confirmed west of the town of Earth, “just north of Highway 70 – moving northeast” and it “just missed Earth to the north” according to a tweet by the National Weather Service in Lubbock Texas. @NWSLubbock

I’ve been enjoying looking at all the recent weird 2019 weather, things I missed watching the news.

Here’s a sample. There were record highs in June 2019 in the usually snowy state of Alaska.

There was a US rash of tornadoes, nearly 300 confirmed in the last two weeks of May 2019.

Some very unusual weird fusilli clouds were seen around June 21, 2019 in Colorado.


Very unusual hail with spikes reportedly fell in Lindsborg, Kansas.

Thunderstorms were caught on radar putting out a wildfire in Florida.

An airport video camera caught a lightning strike that left a hole in the tarmac at an airport in Kansas.

Fears about a frozen river causing problems lead China

A tornado spared a house. On March 3, 2019, in Waverly Hall, Georgia a two-story house (lower-center in image) sustained relatively little damage, despite the downing of nearly all surrounding trees.

A lot more weird weather so far in 2019 is listed on the Weather Channel here. I think we are going to see plenty more. Stay tuned.


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