The True Strange Church Crow

Happy Sunday. Here’s an interesting crow I saw at church this morning.

It was very relaxed and seemed to be greeting people, saying a welcome. My Instagram post on this:

True Strange Church Crow: August 11, 2019. Outside my church this morning a lone black bird was making noises I’ve never heard. What does it mean? There was a baptism today and an announcement someone had passed away. I was baptized Catholic but find needed wisdom and guidance in many different churches. Over the years I have learned from Buddhists, Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, Presbyterians, New Age, Jewish and many other different peaceful views. I also like science and evolution makes sense to me. How do science an religion integrate? At the level of quantum physics there is still much mystery and if this universe is a type of simulation, then in my view the puzzle of existence has many pieces. Perhaps the big picture may be glimpsed over years by sampling a little bit from all over, the eclectic approach to life? I guess that’s part of why I love Strange News, each oddity is a new angle on what this is, this life, this universe.



#strangebird #singingcrow #churchcrow #mendocino #religiousexperience

I have only 8 views on this on Instagram, so I thought I’d share it here too. Part of the trick of getting real views on Instagram might be that you have to constantly weed out followers who are bots and old inactive accounts. Over 500 followers and 8 views seems odd, but Instagram only shows your posts to *some* of your followers.

… it’s rumored that only 10% of your audience is actually seeing your posts in their feed.

I read today that an algorithm determines who sees your posts. I wonder how that compares to the reach for the same number of followers on WordPress.

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