$250 fine for taking beach rocks and/or plants

Some beach rocks (and plants) in Massachusetts are city property and there will soon be a $250 fine for taking them. The city of Westport, specifically, has approved a new law that will impose a fine on people caught taking rocks or vegetation from city owned beaches.

A Massachusetts town is sick of homeowners and businesses raiding its beaches for free landscaping materials.

So the coastal community of Westport has approved a town bylaw that would impose a $250 fine on people who take rocks or vegetation from town-owned beaches.

Sean Leach, vice President of the Westport Beach Committee, says he’s seen people and commercial landscapers fill up trucks with rocks that they use for fire pits, rock gardens and driveway aprons.

He says winter berries and other vegetation are taken by people to be used as Christmas decor. …

via MySanantonio

Since pretty much anyone who walks on the beach takes some rocks away with them (they stick to the feet. You can’t really help it. I mean, what is sand by small rocks?) it might be easier if Westport, MA just charged everyone a $250 fee to visit the town beaches.

Just kidding, I do see the need for restrictions if the beaches are being stripped… but how rigid will the enforcement be? A kid picks up a rock and takes it home… $250! Is it per incident? Perhaps it should be by weight of items taken.

I’ve been looking at pictures of beaches in Westport, MA, like the one above, and … is there any real danger of running out of rocks?


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