NASA Chief Scientist: Public Can’t Handle Life on Mars

There have been some intriguing statements from Jim Green, chief scientist at NASA about discovering life on Mars. Suggestions are, due to radioactivity on the surface, that life on Mars will be found underground. We typically think the first life found on another planet will be microscopic but statements about the public not being able to handle the discovery may hint at one or more macroscopic (large) life forms on the red planet.

… if scientists discover there was once life — or there is life — on the Red Planet, will the public be able to handle such an extraterrestrial concept?

NASA chief scientist Jim Green doesn’t think so.

“It will be revolutionary,” Green told the Telegraph. “It will start a whole new line of thinking. I don’t think we’re prepared for the results. We’re not.”

Source CNN 9/30/2019

Would the discovery of microscopic life on Mars shake up the world too much? Would it cause instability in any world governments? Would faith based people around the globe, seeing a Mars microbe suddenly say, “Oh no! All of those scientist types were right! Evolution is true! And if evolution is true… There is no god! I’ve been a superstitious fool! I will now live in anarchy, following no rules! I will stop paying taxes and I will henceforth run amok, committing crimes every day! And why not, since life on earth is nothing special?”

I think not. Microbial life on Mars would just be absorbed into existing religions as another creation of God.

But what if the stereotypical grey aliens have been living under the surface of Mars? 👽 What if they are 10,000 years more advanced that were are, technologically? Or 100,000? Or a million years more advanced? What if certain rumors are true and THEY created our species? I think solid undeniable evidence of that would shake many people to the core.

If there was ever undeniable proof, just as an example, that the story of Jesus was a Roman war tool written by Flavius Josephus and his friends to shame the Jewish people in Rome at the time into being more peaceful and accepting Roman rule, what would that change today?

Would civilization crumble? No. People would adjust and adapt, as we eventually do in any paradigm shift. Most who do now would keep going to church. The concept, the goodness, still rings true, even if it was ever shown to us by aliens that there was not a historical Jesus. (I’m not claiming there wasn’t, I’m just examining the possible impacts of a dramatic paradigm shift.)

The original radio drama “War of the Worlds” was said to have caused widespread panic, except it actually didn’t. It caused a rational reaction of making many people call the police and newspapers to ask if Martians were actually invading the earth, but that was it. (Source) Thinking that people would panic is often flawed. They’d “trip out” certainly, but likely would not go crazy with any major behavioral changes.

So, what is it on Mars that the public can’t handle? What if we actually came to the earth from Mars billions of years ago? What would that change? Anything?

How about immortal ancient protohumans living in super cities under the Martian surface?

What if our “place in the universe” is that we are a discarded experiment by beings of Mars? What if, to our creators, we are just a failed Petri dish of unintelligent bipeds who can’t survive long term because we pollute ourselves to extinction?

I believe in the human spirit, so I think even in that somewhat depressing scenario, we would continue to fight to make ourselves better, to beat the odds, to thrive and survive. Go humans!

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