New Health Habit November

What would a day following the 30 best health tips you can find look like, from waking up to falling asleep?

I’ve been reading health tips, hundreds of them, wondering how to fit those with the most positive impacts together into a daily routine.

This month (November 2021) I’m picking my top 30 and will add a new health habit per day. If I fail to do one, I resolve to begin again tomorrow, and again the next day. Using a daily reminder calendar on a smart phone, so I can check these off of a list each day, has helped me make these regular habits.

1. Get 7.5 hours sleep.

2. Body (environment, situation) scan: note issues. Get all medical issues evaluated.

3. Meditate ( practice not daydreaming ) 15+ minutes.

4. Drink a glass of cold water on waking.

5. Fresh air (open windows, breathe outside air.)

6. Make and vacuum bed. Weekly change sheets.

7. Stretch or do mellow yoga (5 to 30 min)

8. Vacuum room, clean house

9. De-clutter, organize stuff.

10. Pushups, squats, plank, sit-ups.

11. Organic smoothie: 1/2 a washed organic lemon with peel on, 1 handful of frozen blueberries, 1 banana, 1 carrot, 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 heaping tablespoon of nut butter, 1/2 cup almond milk, dash of cinnamon and 1 cup water.

12. Eat at 10 am (assuming finished dinner by 7 pm) for a 15 hour daily intermittent fast.

13. Vitamin D3 supplement.

14. Tooth care: Brush and floss, then use remineralization liquid.

15. Research, based on issues, potential solutions within your control. (E.g. Use glass instead of plastic.)

16. Research the pros and cons for every health habit you consider adding to your life.

17. Take a long walk three times a week. Eg. A mile or more, 45 min or more.

18. Every 30 minutes sitting, get up move for 5 minutes.

19. Invest in and tend to house plants.

20. Get and maintain water filters.

21. Plan, work on and tend a small garden.

22. Maintain friendships.

23. De-stress, deep relaxation, entertainment, fun.

24. Good posture during the day, starting with morning meditation.

25. Eye exercises to improve vision.

26. Elimination diet to identify foods causing inflammation.

27. With awareness of agendas, review world and local community issues.

28. Do some good deed, something big or small each day. They need not know.

29. Each day plan and prepare for the future, from your sober assessment.

30. Review and refresh supplies, throw out expired items, use what will go bad first, from refrigerator to storage.

Which of the hundreds of health tips out there would make it into your own top 30 daily healthy habits?

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