Mystery Orange Bird Explained

A strange orange bird turned out to be a regular white seagull that fell into some curry or turmeric and was then unable to fly. The bird was fine after being washed up and re-oiled, but still smelled like an Indian dinner.

It seems the brightly colored bird somehow got doused in turmeric and was unable to fly as a result.

The bird was taken to nearby Tigglywinkles wildlife hospital, where veterinary workers gave the seagull a bath and a name: “Vinny,” in honor of vindaloo curry, according to CNN.

Turns out Vinny was healthy despite having an odor that vets described as “pungent.” 

Vinny has since been released back into the wild, according to a post on the hospital’s Facebook page.

This isn’t the first time a bird has been found covered in curry.

In 2016, a seagull in Wales fell into a pot of tikka masala and ended up looking like a sunburned rubber chicken until vets scrubbed the bird clean, according to CBS News.

It does look neat, I wish there were bright orange seagulls, but don’t try this on an gulls yourself as they are a protected animal.

Gulls are classified as migratory species and thus are protected by federal and, in most cases, state laws.

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