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Best Audio Mixing Lesson from an iPhone App: hearEQ + Before and After Sample Mixes of a Xeno Song.

For years my original songs recorded in my home studio sounded cheap and homemade. So I took some recording lessons and learned to use a multi-band compressor. That helped. But … Continue reading

March 1, 2015 · Leave a comment

How to build a personal offline doomsday survival archive

I listened to a pitch on “darkestdays.info” about survival after a massive solar storm, comet, super volcano, nuclear war or other man-made EMP destroys our power grid and electronics. I … Continue reading

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‘Citizenfour’ wins Oscar for best documentary

Revealing state secrets have turned into Oscar acclaim for the makers of the Edward Snowden documentary “Citizenfour.” Laura Poitras’ film documents her initial meeting in Hong Kong with Snowden, as … Continue reading

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How to send an encrypted private email

This is how to use insecure email providers like Google and Yahoo to send secure encrypted messages. If you’d like to upgrade your email security, here’s how. First, get the … Continue reading

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What to do About the Eight Million Tons Of Plastic Garbage Dumped in Oceans Every Year

The equivalent of five grocery bags full of plastic rubbish on every foot of every nation’s coastline around the globe is how much plastic debris is being dumped into the … Continue reading

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The only known dwarf who grew to be a giant

Adam Rainer (1899 – 4 March 1950) is the only person in recorded history to have been both a dwarf and a giant. Rainer was born in Graz, Austria-Hungary. In … Continue reading

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Now that Justin.tv is shut down, where to watch South Park

Too bad about Justin.tv but since people were posting current movies there, it seemed unavoidable. South Park, which is free to watch, should not be watched. This is due to … Continue reading

February 13, 2015 · Leave a comment

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