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A Viet Nam War pilot who stopped a massacre

´╗┐Just know this about the world: stop violence and you may be villified because many people are sleepwalkers. Thank you, Hugh, Glenn, and Laurence, and to everyone else working in … Continue reading

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Trillions of Carats of Secret Russian Diamonds

MOSCOW — Russian scientists are claiming that a gigantic deposit of industrial diamonds found in a huge Siberian meteorite crater during Soviet times could revolutionize industry. The Siberian branch of … Continue reading

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Students invent device to extinguish flames with sound

See this for more on the topic: http://tuhsphysics.ttsd.k12.or.us/Research/IB08/NishColl/index.htm

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Origin of Life Puzzle Cracked: Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Cyanide and UV Light

… Scientists have debated for years the various possibilities that could have led to life evolving on Earth, and the arguments have only grown more heated in recent years as … Continue reading

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Anti-Joke: The man with half of his head a giant orange

A guy walks into a bar. Half of his head is a giant orange. The bartender goes, “OH MY GOD, YOUR HEAD IS A GIANT ORANGE!” Out of his half-mouth, … Continue reading

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Best Audio Mixing Lesson from an iPhone App: hearEQ + Before and After Sample Mixes of a Xeno Song.

For years my original songs recorded in my home studio sounded cheap and homemade. So I took some recording lessons and learned to use a multi-band compressor. That helped. But … Continue reading

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How to build a personal offline doomsday survival archive

I listened to a pitch on “darkestdays.info” about survival after a massive solar storm, comet, super volcano, nuclear war or other man-made EMP destroys our power grid and electronics. I … Continue reading

February 25, 2015 · Leave a comment

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