German Traffic Camera Catches Speeding Pigeon

It’s outrageous that certain birds get away with so much speeding in human cities, isn’t it? In this example, a pigeon is caught on camera at 45 km/h (kilometers per hour) which for those of us reading in the US, is 27.96 miles per hour. A speed camera on a road in a German city captured a photo identifying an unusual speeder — a pigeon. The town of Bocholt, located on the border with the Netherlands, shared a photo that quickly went viral on social media showing the pigeon flying nearly 10 mph over the speed limit on the road. … Continue reading German Traffic Camera Catches Speeding Pigeon

People are Paying for Fake Vacations

What is social “credit” for having gone on a vacation? Whatever it is, people want it so much that they are now paying for fake vacations to impress others on social media. A Nebraska-based business is offering to bolster social media pages with expertly faked photos of the user on vacations they never took. Read more UPI The company, Fake a Vacation, will send your real pictures on a virtual vacation. Hawaii costs under $50, such a deal. Where would you fake go? I’d like to be in one of those romantic over the water bungalows in Tahiti. I don’t … Continue reading People are Paying for Fake Vacations

What was the Caspian Sea Monster?

Long ago and far away lived a unique large fast mechanical monster of which you may have never heard. The Caspian Sea Monster was a huge 311 mph hover jet built by the Soviet Union. In 1967 the USA, using a satellite, discovered what looked like an aircraft, but oddly, the wings were too short. It had a Soviet Navy logo on it as well. Officially called the Ekranoplan, it was a huge vehicle developed in the Cold War from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. Part plane and part hover boat, it could fly just above the sea surface, floating … Continue reading What was the Caspian Sea Monster?

Video: Volkswagen Levitating Car, Fun Sci Fi

Is there a Volkswagen levitating car like this? No. The hovering is computer generated fakery, but it is still fun to watch. The “People’s Car” project allowed Internet users in China to post ideas about cars of the future. From the 119,000 ideas received. three vehicle and technology concepts were produced and are now on display at the 2012 Beijing auto show. Watch this brave a Chinese couple hover around the city in the first (computer animated) test drive of this Volkswagen concept car. – link The levitating car shown in the video clip displayed above currently exists only as … Continue reading Video: Volkswagen Levitating Car, Fun Sci Fi