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Hoxsey: The “Quack” who Cured Cancer

What was the formula?  Wikipedia says this: Hoxsey herbal treatments include a topical paste of antimony, zinc and bloodroot, arsenic, sulfur, and talc for external treatments, and a liquid tonic … Continue reading

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Common blood pressure drug reverses diabetes in mice

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Boycott these products to stay healthy

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What is your fitness age?

A 60 year old can have the fitness age of a 30 year old… Or the other way around. I’m currently 10 years younger than my physical age. Try this … Continue reading

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Patients being disappeared from hospitals in US?

A Missouri medical professional disclosed on today’s episode of the Alex Jones Show that doctors he’s friends with at other hospitals have seen patients exhibiting … symptoms, such as extreme … Continue reading

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New hope for diabetics from babies who make too much insulin

16-Jan-2014 Targeting a cell cycle inhibitor promotes beta cell replication One of the factors underlying the development of type 2 diabetes is loss of β cell mass, resulting in decreased … Continue reading

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Government launches two nights of spraying residents (and mosquitoes) with poison in Yolo County

A government aircraft flying low at about 300 feet sprayed for hours last night, Aug 6, 2014, and will be spraying again tonight, Aug 7, 2014, during a four hour … Continue reading

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