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Common blood pressure drug reverses diabetes in mice

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Boycott these products to stay healthy

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What is your fitness age?

A 60 year old can have the fitness age of a 30 year old… Or the other way around. I’m currently 10 years younger than my physical age. Try this … Continue reading

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Patients being disappeared from hospitals in US?

A Missouri medical professional disclosed on today’s episode of the Alex Jones Show that doctors he’s friends with at other hospitals have seen patients exhibiting … symptoms, such as extreme … Continue reading

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New hope for diabetics from babies who make too much insulin

16-Jan-2014 Targeting a cell cycle inhibitor promotes beta cell replication One of the factors underlying the development of type 2 diabetes is loss of β cell mass, resulting in decreased … Continue reading

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Government launches two nights of spraying residents (and mosquitoes) with poison in Yolo County

A government aircraft flying low at about 300 feet sprayed for hours last night, Aug 6, 2014, and will be spraying again tonight, Aug 7, 2014, during a four hour … Continue reading

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Ebola virus outbreak, epidemic is out of control

The deadly Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has hit “unprecedented” proportions, according to relief workers on the ground. “The epidemic is out of control,” Dr. Bart Janssens, director of … Continue reading

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