Video: The Sound of the Big Bang + Close Lightning Strikes

For a song I’m writing, I wanted a sound of the Big Bang, but when I looked into it, the sound, as worked out by one scientist, wasn’t big enough. It was not some huge explosive sound, but more of a robotic humming. This humming lasted for hundreds of thousands of years and got continuously lower until it disappeared.

While the Big Bang likely wasn’t an impressively loud sound, it was a long one. For the first 100,000 to 700,000 years after it was created, the universe was denser than the air on Earth. This meant sound waves could travel through it. As the universe cooled and expanded, the sound wavelengths stretched, which made sounds get lower. The humming from the Big Bang continued for those hundreds of thousands of years until the universe grew so large that the sound faded away completely.

via HowStuffWorks

Here’s one concept of what it sounded like, boosted up into the human hearing range:

Here’s another:

And another:

Since these aren’t great for the song I’m working on, I’ll probably find a deep explosive sound.

Here is a compilation of close loud lightning strikes on YouTube. (Warning: Lots of swearing. If your town lists Heckboy on movie billboards, [e.g. Dickson, Tennessee,] I recommend skipping this.)

If you find a sound that would be good for the start of the universe, leave a link.

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