New Record: For High-Heels Marathon

Few can run a 6 hour 4 minute marathon and only one person so far has done so in high heels. This fast fashionable feet feat recently won one Christelle Doyhambehere a place in the Guinness World Records. She accomplished this at the Paris marathon a few days ago, with a time of 6:04:07.

Christelle Doyhambehere, 34, of Pau, smashed the record previously set at the Chattanooga, Tenn., marathon by U.S. woman Irene Sewell, who ran the 26.2 miles in 7:27:53.

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Yes, there’s a record for high-heeled marathon running. And when Doyhambehere ran in just over six hours, she beat that record by about an hour and a half. 

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LiveStrong has this for perspective:

At a brisk pace, you might walk one mile in 20 minutes. This would take you just over 8.5 hours to walk 26 miles. Walking a 15-minute mile you would finish 26 miles in 6.5 hours, and walking a 13-minute mile would let you finish in a little over 5.5 hours.

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From all I’ve read, heard, watched and experienced I usually recommend 30 minutes to an hour of brisk walking daily. Pumping the arms vigorously while walking in place will work if you get stuck indoors.

Walking is more anti-inflammatory than running and inflammation long term can lead to cancer, so there’s some good motivation. The reason walking is more anti-inflammatory is that running generates more free radicals. Walking also moves the lymph through the body’s series of one way valves and this takes out the cellular trash of the day as well as stimulating the immune system’s healthy functions.

Accumulation of extra cellular junk is one of the seven big reasons we age, so walking daily is a powerful anti-aging medicine.

Inflammation is a necessary part of the body’s immune response, but too much inflammation can lead to disease. Chronic inflammation may contribute to diabetes, obesity, celiac disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

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While running a marathon is a great accomplishment, my view is that it is not super healthy for the body. There are conflicting studies and headlines about the health benefits of distance running. Does running lengthen lifespan?

These Serious Marathoners Lived 19 Years Longer Than Average

As a longtime marathoner, cardiologist, and cardiac rehab specialist, Ben Rosin, M.D., read the “too much exercise can kill you” papers very closely when they began appearing about five years ago. …

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Here’s an article that disagrees and says fast running is quite bad for your long term health.

Fast running is as deadly as sitting on couch, scientists find

A study of 1,098 runners found that those who ran the fastest were nine times more likely to die prematurely within 12 years than those who enjoyed a more sedate pace of around 5mph for two or three times a week. 

In fact, strenuous runners were as likely to die as those who did no physical activity.

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Running, or sprints like high intensity training (HITT) a few times a week may be better than just walking briskly.

Have you looked at both sides of the running for health issue and reached a conclusion? Let us know.

An important thing to get daily is a variety of movement. It doesn’t have to be formal exercise or sports. Cleaning, gardening, dancing around a bit or being on your feet at work counts as well.

As to doing any of this in heels, that’s optional. While they make legs look nice and leggy, they are said to cause problems for women who wear them:

… high heels can cause some serious problems for your body. Your feet are the base of your body’smovement and posture, so high heels can affect your entire skeleton.

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I wonder if Christelle would agree.

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