Space, the Final Illusion?

The most surprising thing I heard recently, which I believe will prove to be true, is that distance is not real, at least not in the way we think of it. Lee Smolin, a professor of physics, has an impressive article at which speculates that space and distance are a certain kind of illusion, an average of more fundamental processes. The beauty of this view is that it explains repeated observations that entangled particles influence each other instantly at a distance, faster than the speed of light, which should be, by our current model of space-time, impossible.

The Last Illusion: Distance

… the takeaway lesson is that the intuitive idea that objects influence each other because they are close in space is soon to become another of those easy beliefs that turn out to be wrong when we look deeper. The smoothness of space is soon to become an illusion that hides a tiny and complex world of causal interactions, which do not live in space—but which rather define and create space as they create the future from the present.

via SciAm

This is mind blowing. There is much I didn’t follow, but overall, I got the picture and it makes a strange new sense.

As an article in New Scientist in 2016 put it: “Spooky action at a distance – the dislocated effect of the quantum world – is real without a doubt. So the problem must lie in our perception of space and time.”

If distance is an illusion, then isn’t time as well? This may explain otherwise unexplained things I’ve experienced, true strange things. If space-time is not what it seems, then can we break the apparent rules? Perhaps we can because we already have.

Someone once told me that there is no imagination, that everything we imagine is real, just not in this current illusion of space-time, so imagine good things.

What came to mind when you read that last sentence? Interesting.

Now, hold out your hand and close your eyes and your future self will drop a thumb drive through a hole in space time telling you where to go and what to do at specific dates and times, simple little things that will give you a little edge just when you need it. And why not? Because a thumb drive can be lost or taken. It’s not a physical object, it’s a little voice in your head, your own voice, but years wiser. Follow it and you’ll have a string of good surprises, in time.


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