Political Doppelgängers

Have you ever been told by a friend that they saw someone who wasn’t you, but looked “just like” you? They say most people have a doppleganger or two and politicians are no exception. Here are a few worth seeing:

Afghan singer Abdul Salam Maftoon’s striking resemblance to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has turned him into an unlikely celebrity in the war-torn country since his debut on a talent show.

This guy on the right was spotted in a store. No one knows who he is.

Since Barack Obama’s improbable rise to the presidency, 36-year-old Anas’s life has taken a similarly unlikely turn. The prominent ears that made him self-conscious as a child, he says, have become his fortune; a photographer by trade, Anas has found a new career as the leading presidential doppelganger. Now he travels the world, lending his likeness to various charities and causes; he recently spoke at a Greenpeace rally in Thailand urging global leaders (including his own double) to do more to address climate change. 

Via Guardian

President Bush (l.) with Steve Bridges, a comedian and President Bush impersonator, during 2006’s White House Correspondents’ Association’s 92nd annual awards dinner. 

Via NYDaily

A street trader with an uncanny resemblance to Kim Jong-un has found himself inundated with customers ever since snaps of him appeared in a local paper highlighting his resemblance with the North Korean leader.

Manchu Tuan, from China, said he had never particularly noticed until one of his customers had asked if he could take a snap with him because of the resemblance. 

Via DailyMail

… a Kurdish military commander and look exactly like Stalin, as Hossein Yazdanpanah does. Yazdanpanah has gone viral on the Russian internet for his eerie resemblance … to the Soviet dictator. 

Via NYMag

Would you take a job as a double for a current world leader if you resembled one? Great pay, little work, free limousine rides … think about it before you decide.


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