(Video) Artificial Hollow Moonies

Some believe the Moon is hollow and artificial. While I love the science fiction idea that our moon is a gift from aliens or from a lost super advanced version of humanity, this speculation is based on facts which so far have other possible explanations.


Moon Hollows <> Aliens.

Here on our high density planet, I have explored huge caverns created by natural water erosion and also massive lava tubes created by volcanic magma flows. This thoroughly convinced me that aliens are not needed for the formation of large hollow underground structures. Aliens with the right technology could make huge underground spaces, no doubt, as we humans have already done such things, but hollow areas inside any moon are not evidence of artificial construction.

Low Density? Not So Much.

Regarding the low density of the Moon mentioned in the above video, our moon isn’t actually an anomaly in terms of having a low density. I’ve read that nearly every other moon in our solar system is less dense than our own.

The density of the Moon is 3.346 g/cm. The Moon is actually the second densest moon in the Solar System after Io. Need some comparisons? The density of Earth is 5.52 g/cm. This makes it the densest planet in the Solar System. The density of Io is 3.53 g/cm.

Our moon being the second densest in the solar system is saying a lot when you realize how darn many moons there are, hundreds in our solar system.

… over 200 minor-planet moons have also been observed in the Solar System (as of Jan. 2012). This includes the 76 known objects in the asteroid belt with satellites, four Jupiter Trojans, 39 near-Earth objects (two with two satellites each), 14 Mars-crossers, and 84 natural satellites of Trans-Neptunian Objects. And some 150 additional small bodies have been observed within the rings of Saturn. If we include all these, then we can say that the Solar System has 545 known satellites. …

Via UniverseToday

Our Iron Rich Moon.

Iron can ring like a bell when struck and the lunar lowland has much more iron than the crust of the earth by percent composition.

In fact, after oxygen and silicon, iron is the third most abundant element in the Moon’s geology from the sampling we’ve done. Compared to the earth, the moon’s surface is harder due to having more iron. This could account for impact craters being shallower than expected, if that is the case, but this does not require that the moon has massive artificial cavities with alien ships inside.

Tidal Lock is Common.

There are certainly other tidally locked moons in our solar system. This happens for reasons we think we understand, reasons that do not require aliens or any other artificial moon builders.

Most major moons in the Solar System− the gravitationally rounded satellites − are tidally locked with their primaries, because they orbit very closely and tidal force increases rapidly (as a cubic function) with decreasing distance.

Via Wikipedia

Speculation = Science Step 1

I enjoyed this video as I do other way out ideas, as starting points for discovery. Without imagination and speculation, we would have no place to start to understand the universe. Imagine, but then do reality checks. This formula is also known as … science. Basically.

My favorite fictional speculation is that the Moon is a dormant intelligent space ship that our ancient advanced ancestors built and programmed to watch over us as we got humanity started, perhaps seeded from another home world. There are a few of these immortals left inside the moon, and they visit, causing UFO sightings. They and the Moon ship will rescue us and transport us to another planet if our planet is ever in danger of total distruction.

Of course, if this whole universe is a simulation, then everything within it is artificial and the whole of creation gets my award for best ever universe by a god or gods, aliens, AIs or whatever else is responsible. I especially like the fresh strawberries, dark chocolate and real homemade vanilla ice cream manifestations, so good job, God.


One thought on “(Video) Artificial Hollow Moonies

  1. ‘I especially like the fresh strawberries, dark chocolate and real homemade vanilla ice cream manifestations, so good job, God.’ With you on that one 🤣

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