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What if all the clues are hidden in plain sight? In a good universe simulation, answers you seek are embedded in the details of everything around you.

I am Xeno (aka True Strange News) a deeply curious person who has spent decades investigating many mysteries from mundane to magnificent. A few of my sites and social media:

On TikTok @theXenoWeKnow (I follow great music, cool people)

On Instagram @Newsi8Alaska (weird short videos, news and art.)

On Twitter @TrueStrangeNews for some UFO stuff

On YouTube @KnowViewsNew for daily news headlines read as a single podcast from 100+ top sources.

On Pinterest @truestrangenews for collections of weird news headlines and more.

Visit Newsi8.com for a collection of resources to help you with many things.

Strange YouTube Playlist

Here’s a bunch of interesting YouTube videos, more than 200 on the True Strange Playlist now, but the embeded YouTube playlist. Visit the Full TrueStrange Playlist on YouTube and follow if you like.

Below, click the playlist icon ShowPlaylist  in the upper left corner of the video window below to see the different videos. The playlist control disappears while the video is playing, but returns if you mouse over the video window (desktop) or if you stop the video from playing on your mobile device.

Currently they are ordered with the most recent added being first.

Thank you for stopping by.


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