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Why True Strange News?

Hello. What if the clues are hidden in plain sight? In a good universe simulation, answers you seek are embedded in the details of everything around you.

True Strange News watches unusual events happening every day around the world for these clues and shares them with those who might understand them from a deeper perspective.

We believe that by helping others, we open doors to more and deeper clues. That’s why there are no advertisements on this site.

Join us in the epic treasure hunt to unlock the real world’s adventure game. Follow True Strange News on…

Instagram for great weird short videos, news and art.

Twitter for recent strange news.

Periscope for rare video broadcasts of strange events and news.

Pinterest for collections of weird news headlines and more.

Subscribe to the latest World True Strange News (RSS) for the truestrange.com website.

Strange YouTube Playlist

Here’s a treasure chest of interesting YouTube videos Xeno has been exploring. There are more than 200 on the True Strange Playlist now, but the embeded YouTube playlist below will show only the most recently added 200. For the full list, visit the Full TrueStrange Playlist on YouTube and follow if you like.

Below, click the playlist icon ShowPlaylist  in the upper left corner of the video window below to see the different videos. The playlist control disappears while the video is playing, but returns if you mouse over the video window (desktop) or if you stop the video from playing on your mobile device.

New videos are added frequently. Currently they are ordered with the most recent added being first. Subscribe to get the most up to date strange news and anything else interesting on YouTube that I add.


Bookmark this page and check it once a day to expand your mind. There are times I don’t have time to write a post on TrueStrange, but I will still add a few videos.

Thank you for stopping by.

To most people, True Strange News will be a somewhat random collection of science discoveries, odd events in the news and interesting art found elsewhere, but the items I pick, I think show a deeper hidden picture. They add up to something you only start to see after years of absorbing, with an open heart/mind, the true nature of who we are and what this reality is … all discoverable through the lens of highly unlikely events.

Hey, and if I’m wrong about there being clues to the universe in all this, at least you’ll learn some new things and be entertained.


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