Getting 1,000 “Real” Instagram Followers

Psst. Want to see something amazing? I’ve experimented with Instagram to see how to spread the word there. One reliable way to get followers is to follow a bunch of people.

In the following images you can see my progress getting past 1,000 followers in a few days.

While trying this way, I discovered “follow limits” whereby Instagram only allows you to follow a certain number (the actual number changes depending on various things) of people per day, per hour, etc.

Get 1,000 Followers Quickly

If you want 1,000 followers, get an interesting profile picture and tag line, post 3 to 5 photos (interesting ones if possible) then follow 5,000 people.

Be warned however, it takes much longer to unfollow than to follow. There are apps that automate unfollowing those who are not following you, but there are also “unfollow limits” on Instagram (60 per hour, for example). If you unfollow people too quickly, your entire account may be deleted by Instagram.

After exploring the follow-for-follow system, I think this method is largely pointless. I had over 1,000 followers from very quickly following many people, but when I unfollowed most as part of the experiment, many automatically unfollowed me. You can see why Instagram follows (and accounts) are somewhat “fake” from this. If you follow for follows, you get that back.

Get Real Followers Slowly

To get to real people organically on Instagram, I’ve started posting daily the most amazing videos I find, giving credit to each author in the tag line. This has given me the best results so far, along with using hashtags. You can use up to 30 per post on Instagram, but I usually keep it under 15 or so.

Check out my Instagram account TrueStrangeNews for really great short videos and cool art as well.

Posts to TrueStrangeNews on Instagram are all Rated G, with things like inventions, odd happenings, exotic animals, ingenuity, science and awesome sports skills. You won’t find low class “viral” videos of fights, accident injuries or nudity (unless it’s a necessary part of showing some medical miracle).

Why Not Buy Followers?

Yes, you can buy followers. There are a number of sellers offering this service at different prices, but according to those who have tried it, what you get are bots, shirtless teens, soft core porn webcam peddlers and other junk accounts. None of your new “followers” will have an actual interest in your posts. You won’t be getting real likes or comments. (Automated likes and comments can also be purchased.) So, think about what you really want before you buy. Some sellers will get you Followers that are all gone in a week or two.

What’s more valuable to your business: having 10,000 fake followers or 100 real followers who comment on your posts and potentially share them with their own networks?

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I’ve never paid for follows but from early tests I still have questionable accounts I’m following and some “Get Followers” services and rated PG type accounts are following me back. It’s a slow process to clean up an Instagram account if you go the wrong direction. Plan accordingly. There is plenty to see, plenty worth seeing, however. Like, today, a goat hopping on several people’s backs.

Some people say Instagram is a shallow waste of time and I would tend to agree, but there are fascinating and educational things as well. It’s what you make of it.

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