Star Trek Continues, Great Free Shows

The original Star Trek series with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. “Bones” McCoy and “Beam me up” Scotty was a five year mission cancelled after only three years, but you may not know that the original series was continued by fans who made the episodes the original series should have made. Once you get over the different voices, the Star Trek Continues series is quite enjoyable if you liked the original. Watch the episodes here:

As with all such Star Trek fan productions, use of copyrighted and trademarked properties from the original series is allowed so long as the production is non-commercial. A portion of the funds necessary to produce the episodes was raised through successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, to which thousands of backers contributed.

Star Trek Continues won a Webby Award for “People’s Choice – Long Form Drama” in 2016, a Geekie Award for “Best Web Series” in 2014, and numerous Telly and Accolade awards. The series has been very positively received by critics, who have praised the quality of the production and stated that the show has set a new standard for Star Trek fan films.

… Slice of SciFi wrote: “They have certainly raised the bar for independent Star Trek episodic film making” and SyFy’s Blastr wrote: “Lots of people try to make fan versions of Trek. None of them look like this.” Other reviewers praised the resemblance between the episode and the original look-and-feel of TOS. Phil Plait wrote on Slate: “I have to say, I quite enjoyed this. The attention to detail is wonderful, and I really like the choice to film it in 4:3 format to maintain the feel, as well as the inspired decision to reuse the original music.”


I most like what I perceive to be the underlying messages, such as: “there is more power in being of service to others than in being idolized,” and “no man is powerless to stop slavery.”

Human Trafficking is still a huge problem today. During a recent investigation I read that people who have tried to expose and shut it down are killed, jailed or threatened and that high level corruption keeps it going. A big part of the problem: no place to anonymously report traffickers in each country. What organizations can you really trust to take the right steps to protect victims? It makes me very angry. Why the bleep is there no large “Report Trafficking” button on the US State department human trafficking report web site? It could easily be done if there wasn’t complicity by the very authorities who call it a scourge.

I digress. Enjoy the Star Trek Continues shows. They are well made, well acted, and well grounded in human decency.


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