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Swedish Scientists Plan To Explore Baltic Sea UFO Crash Site

Last summer, while on a treasure hunt between Sweden and Finland, the pair and their research associates made headlines worldwide with the discovery of a 200-foot wide unidentified object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Now a team of oceanographers, engineers and deep sea divers will return to the site Friday, June 1, for a 6 to 10 day trip.

They want to find out once and for all what it really is.

… “We don’t know whether it is a natural phenomenon, or an object,” Lindberg, captain of the Ocean Explorer, told FoxNews.com. “We saw it on sonar when we were searching for a wreck from World War I. This circular object just turned up on the monitor.”
The discovery was a worldwide news event, covered in the popular press, the scientific press and in the blogosphere. Many speculated that the discovery was of a long-lost unidentified flying object (UFO), that crashed into the sea.
“We’ll be searching the area in a number of ways,” Lindberg explained. “We’ll use sonar to make 3D images of the bottom, the clay bottom, of that part of the sea. We’ll send down deep-sea divers too. And a camera robot. We’ll also take samples from the sea bed and measure them for toxicities and radiation.” …

via Baltic Sea UFO – Swedish Scientists Plan To Explore UFO Crash Site ~ UFOs 2012|UFO Sightings|Alien UFO Pictures|What Are UFOs|2012 Solar Strom|Mexico UFO.

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One comment on “Swedish Scientists Plan To Explore Baltic Sea UFO Crash Site

  1. robertmyrland
    June 3, 2012

    So about 70 meters in diameter… Nice size for a beamship if it is a beamship. I wont say that or what I think it is but sure is interesting find. I know there are beamship hidden on the planet and one of these are in Brazil but where the other 2 beam-ships are is out of my guess doe I have had a strong feeling number 2 is at the north pole somewhere and I had that feeling for years. The beam-ships has been here for many 100000 years. I cant wait for someone to find one so I can go home… I know how the beam-ships works and I know how to fix them to so please let me know if some are found.

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