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Computerized anxiety therapy found helpful in small trial

An emerging therapy known as cognitive bias modification, in which software helps subjects divert attention away from anxiety and interpret situations more calmly, helped improve anxiety symptoms in a pilot-scale … Continue reading

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Mississippi man who said he was abducted by aliens dies

Charles Hickson, the Mississippi man who claimed he was abducted and probed by aliens while he was fishing with a friend in 1973 and never backed off the story despite … Continue reading

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Protoceratops Dinosaur found with its own tracks

A fossil housed for half a century in a Polish museum has turned out to be the first dinosaur skeleton preserved in its own tracks, say scientists. A recent examination … Continue reading

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Huge Gladiator School Found Buried in Austria

  Digital reconstruction of the newfound Roman gladiator school outside Vienna. – Illustration courtesy LBI ArchPro Archaeologists working outside Vienna, Austria, have discovered the remains of a huge school for … Continue reading

September 14, 2011 · 1 Comment

Secret Government Experiments Come to Light

The government may not want you to know that it set off nuclear bombs willy-nilly in the atmosphere or tested LSD on unwitting subjects, but at least the Science Channel … Continue reading

September 14, 2011 · 2 Comments

Woolly mammoth’s secrets points toward new artificial blood for humans

The blood from woolly mammoths—those extinct elephant-like creatures that roamed the Earth in pre-historic times—is helping scientists develop new blood products for modern medical procedures that involve reducing patients’ body … Continue reading

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Tourists stranded after booking hotel on wrong side of the world

Michael and Sunette Adendorff thought something was wrong with their hire car’s GPS as they drove around in circles in the Wellington suburb, looking for the £90-a-night Majestic Hotel on … Continue reading

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