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Free Software

Here are my personal picks for the best free Windows software:

Web Browser

  • Firefox, plus plug-ins:  Adblock Plus, Better Privacy, Download Statusbar, FireFTP, DownloadHelper.


For Musicians




  • 7-zip – expand and compact files, put multiple files into one container for emailing.
  • FoxIt Reader – read PDFs without all the Adobe spyware. Are they starting to charge? Is this a trial version? If so, I’ll look for some other free reader.

5 Responses to “Free Software”

  1. Very well put together site


    hope you don’t mind if i link to it.


  2. Meg said

    Happy New Year Xeno! I really enjoy reading your posts. Excellent site!

  3. dean said

    Keep it up …info available here is really intresting and worth it….

  4. Matt said

    Audacity is pretty good indeed, although Reaper is apparently even better with only a minimum charge for the licence – $60. Not much compared to, say, Cubase.

  5. Bob said

    SumatraPDF – love it. Dumped A-doe-bee reader a long time, years, ago.

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