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Street-legal replica of the Batmobile (Tumbler) on sale for $1m

Posted by Anonymous on March 4, 2014

A street-legal replica of the Batmobile, used in the Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale, has gone on sale for $1m (£597,000).

The copy of the Caped Crusader’s crime-fighting machine, the Tumbler, is being sold by Florida-based J and S World Wide Holdings, according to a listing on the James Edition luxury marketplace website.

The replica two-seater has an automatic transmission and comes with five driver-assist cameras, Bluetooth technology, CD and DVD player, iPod integration and GPS technology, according to the seller’s description.

“We have built this insane vehicle to be street legal however please understand that this is not a daily driver!” the listing says.

The car, however, does not come complete with its film counterpart’s arsenal of weaponry.

The latest and most militaristic version of the Batmobile first appeared in director Christopher Nolan’s 2005 Batman Begins.

The Batmobile has undergone several changes since custom car designer George Barris was credited with building the first model for the 1960s Batman TV series.

Barris’ version sold for $4.2m (£2.6m) at auction in January last year.



This concept vehicle features an LS1 motor with a custom built frame, chassis and drive line. It has an automatic transmission, dually rear end featuring FOUR 44″ super swamper tires with custom rims! It has a custom cut windows, seating for two, 5 driver assist cameras, Double den stereo with blue tooth, CD/DVD, Ipod integration for all of your entertainment needs. This vehicle also features GPS Navigation worldwide as well as a custom interior. It is a limited edition of only 5 worldwide!  …
I wish this Batmobile was as fast as a Hennessey Venom GT. The Venom GT can reach 265 mph in 2 miles. Absurd speed. Here’s another video: from 0 to 200 mph in 15.2 seconds. Here’s the ride along with a Venom GT reaching 270 mph.

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Hong Kong jails man for blackmailing Transformers crew

Posted by Anonymous on February 26, 2014

20140226-135424.jpgA Hong Kong court sentenced Mak Chi-shing to two years in jail. His brother was jailed for six weeks for assaulting a police officer.

The men ran a shop near where the crew were filming in October. They refused to close the shop and Mr Mak demanded $13,000 (£8,000) from the crew.

A scuffle then broke out, and film director Michael Bay was injured.

The court heard that the film crew had approached Mak Chi-shing, and his older brother Mak Chi-hang, on 16 October, offering $130 (£80) as compensation for filming on the road where they worked.

However, the next day, the brothers played loud music and attempted to disrupt the filming.

Mak Chi-shing demanded $13,000 from the crew, and a scuffle broke out. The two brothers were then arrested by police.

Mr Bay received injuries to the right side of his face, but declined to seek treatment and continued filming.

On Wednesday, Hong Kong’s District Court found Mak Chi-shing guilty of blackmail, and also of assaulting a police officer.

Mak Chi-hang was also found guilty of assaulting a police officer.

Judge Josiah Lam said the case had “affected the reputation of Hong Kong as an international city”.

“[The negative publicity] could affect foreigners deciding whether to travel to or work in Hong Kong,” he said.

The fourth instalment of the Transformers franchise starring Mark Wahlberg and Nicola Peltz is scheduled for public release in June 2014. …


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Man arrested after airport screeners see bomb-like watch

Posted by Anonymous on February 17, 2014

Artist/teacher Geoffrey McGann of Rancho Palos Verdes was arrested at Oakland International Airport wearing an unusual art piece that resembled a potentialA Southern California resident is in custody after authorities say he tried to board a plane in Oakland with a watch modified by materials that could have been part of a bomb. Geoffrey McGann, 49, of Rancho Palos Verdes was taken into custody Thursday about 7:30 p.m. in Terminal 2 of Oakland International Airport. He attracted the attention of authorities after placing a coat and an unusual watch in a plastic bin bound for the screening machine.The watch included a toggle switch, wires and a circuit board, Sgt. J.D. Nelson, a spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, said Friday. “Apparently he was wearing it and took it off to go through the screening process,” Nelson said. McGann had “all the components” to make an “improvised explosive device,” except for the material that would have actually exploded, Nelson said.McGann also had no checked bag — another warning flag — and was wearing shoes two sizes too big, according to authorities. In the shoes, there were homemade inserts with cavities that could be used to stash explosives, Nelson said.McGann also was wearing a military-style shirt with a tourniquet band built into each sleeve. The shirts are available for purchase, but are not especially common, Nelson said.“When you add it all up, it didn’t add up,” Nelson said.But McGann did provide an explanation. The watch, he said, was art. The shoes, he told authorities, were supposed to make him look taller.”He does do art kind of stuff, but what reasonable person would bring a watch like that into an airport and think that’s OK?” Nelson said. “You may have a toy gun as art, but would you bring it to the airport?”McGann also carried a backpack with him that contained no clothes, investigators said. McGann said he’d been on a business day-trip in the Bay Area and was about to return to Los Angeles.Officers arrested McGann on suspicion of possession of materials that can be used to make a destructive device. He was being held Friday in lieu of $150,000 bail, according to Alameda County records.The incident delayed flights for about 20 minutes, investigators said.

via Man arrested after airport screeners see bomb-like watch – latimes.com.

TSA: Protecting the homeland from strange art, 24/7.

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Time Travel: Realistically colored photos from the black and white past

Posted by Anonymous on February 3, 2014

Over the last couple years, an increasingly popular trend online has been to create and share colorized photos from history. Artists such as Jordan Lloyd, Dana Keller and Sanna Dullaway take intriguing old black-and-white photos and bring them to life with color as if they’d been taken only yesterday.


These black and white photos with color added are amazing. My favorites are below: Audrey Hepburn (1947?), Charlie Chaplin (1916), Albert Einstein (1939), and Mark Twain (1900), and Abraham Lincoln (1865)






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Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures

Posted by Anonymous on January 14, 2014

Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures

Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures

Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures

Genius. Photographer Chino Otsuka has discovered the art of time travel. Instead of exploiting a whole in the Space-time continuum to time travel, she simply digitally spliced her adult self into old photographs from her childhood. That way it looked like adult version of Otsuka was meeting child version of Otsuka. So clever.Otsuka explains the thought process behind her excellent photo series Imagine Finding Me: “The digital process becomes a tool, almost like a time machine, as I’m embarking on the journey to where I once belonged and at the same time becoming a tourist in my own history.”Sometimes she mimics what she did as a kid, other times she’s simply crossing paths with her childhood self and there’s even a few pictures where it looks like she’s taking care of her childhood self. It’s clever photo manipulation but a few of these shots really make it look like she was there the entire time.

via Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures.

More at http://sploid.gizmodo.com/time-traveling-photographer-adds-herself-into-her-child-1499112549

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Quadruple Entendre ? I’ve got that beat: Xeno’s Sexdecuple Entendre

Posted by Anonymous on November 19, 2013

I was looking for examples of plays on words with as many meanings as possible and found this:

… it has been suggested that Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing used this ploy to present a surface level description of the play as well as a pun on the Elizabethan use of “nothing” as slang for vagina.

A triple entendre is a phrase that can be understood in any of three ways, such as in the cover of the 1981 Rush album Moving Pictures. The left side of the front cover shows a moving company carrying paintings out of a building. On the right side, people are shown crying because the pictures carried by the movers are emotionally “moving”. Finally, the back cover features a film crew making a “moving picture” of the whole scene.

Since “moving” can also mean selling (as in moving the merchandise) and since albums are often referenced by a single word in their title (for brevity), the bands use of an appealing multiple-entendre cover could be said to be for the purpose of “moving Pictures” – and as such be a quadruple entrendre.


As a songwriter, though not rap, I too seek the lyrical white whale:

The quadruple entendre is the white whale of rap. For lyrically mined hip-hop heads, there’s no greater feat a rapper can accomplish. Some say Eminem successfully employed the much vaunted figure of speech on “Fast Lane”. Others say Kanye did so on “Blame Game”. It’s a contentious issue that impassioned heads debate endlessly in forums and comment sections, due much impart to the inherent difficulty (some would say impossibility) of imbibing a turn of phrase with such a multifaceted meaning. But it’s that very difficulty, the challenge of accomplishing the impossible, that makes it so appealing to MCs (and listeners) seeking transcendence through technique. …


Being a mad genius I now throw my hat in the ring. Are you ready for… Yes, Xeno’s sexdecuple entendre! Holy cow! Ready? No kidding, sixteen different meanings:

our Mother is slipping away.

1) Mother’s in moccasins, out on the ice: our Mother is slipping away

2) The bride of my father’s not long for this life: our Mother is slipping away

3) The woman who birthed me is going cra-cra: our Mother is slipping away

4) Fewer souls now to Mother Mary pray: our Mother is slipping away

5) The orbit of the Earth is getting farther from the sun: our Mother is slipping away.

6) This planet, our home, is all but done: our Mother is slipping away

7) An enemy of ours is making an escape: our Mother is slipping away

8) We will have another brother nine months from now: our Mother is slipping away

9) She does it alone, only she knows how: our Mother is slipping away.

10) She’s been cheating on him a couple times a week: our Mother is slipping away

11) Mama made a mistake, now get out of my day: our Mother is slipping, away!

12) Her first name’s “Slipping”, second’s “Away”: our Mother is Slipping Away.

13) The source of all life is getting harder to find: our Mother is Slipping Away

14) Protection by government is more unkind: our Mother is Slipping Away

15) the role of a woman is clearly being blurred: our Mother is Slipping Away

16) Whistler’s oil on canvas is fading I’ve heard: our Mother is slipping away

How many meanings did I fit into a phrase? Sixteen, at least. Word. I’m a beast.

Okay, to really cement this, the phrase must appear once in a context that makes all sixteen meanings clear at the same time.

CONTEST: Design me a safe-for-work print quality “Mother’s Slipping Away” CD cover I can use like Rush’s Moving Pictures and win $1,000. No deadline. Open till filled. All submissions become property of Xeno. Tell a design friend. Email: xeno735@yahoo.com

Rock out.

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Fanette Guilloud’s Art

Posted by Anonymous on October 8, 2013

The French artist and photographer paints geometric shapes onto abandoned walls, giving the three dimensional spaces the guise of two dimensionality when captured on film. The photos couple the surreal qualities of painting with the truth-telling promise of photography, depicting, in a single image, art’s ability to create the impossible.

“You can only see these paintings from the camera, that’s why they’re so interesting to conceive and shoot,” Guilloud wrote in an email to the Huffington Post. “Your brain has to adjust plans and perspective to conceive of a coherent photography.”

The resulting images remind us of modern day cave writings on the wall, as inscrutable as they are enchanting. …







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New Vincent Van Gogh painting “Sunset at Montmajour” surfaces

Posted by Anonymous on September 9, 2013

20130909-132356.jpgA newly identified landscape painting believed to have been created by Vincent Van Gogh in 1888, just two years before his death, was unveiled Monday by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

“Sunset at Montmajour” depicts a wooded area near Arles in the south of France. The museum said that the work dates from around the same period that Van Gogh created his famous “Sunflowers” painting.

The museum said it has spent two years authenticating the piece, using historic records, X-ray analysis and other techniques.

ART: Can you guess the high price?

“A discovery of this magnitude has never before occurred in the history of the Van Gogh Museum,” said Axel Rüger, the museum director, in a statement. “It is already a rarity that a new painting can be added to Van Gogh’s oeuvre.”

The museum said that there are two letters from the artist from the summer of 1888 that directly refer to the painting, which he considered to be a failed effort.

The work belonged to the collection of Theo van Gogh, the painter’s brother, in 1890 and was sold in 1901, according to the museum. After that, ownership of the canvas becomes somewhat unclear.

CRITICS’ PICKS: What to watch, where to go, what to eat

At one point, the piece belonged to a Norwegian collector who stored it in an attic after being told the work wasn’t an authentic Van Gogh. The painting currently belongs to private collectors who wish to remain anonymous, according to reports.

“Sunset at Montmajour,” whose French title is “Coucher de soleil sur Montmajour,” is a relatively large discovery in physical terms, measuring about 3 feet by 2½ feet. …


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Ben Affleck to play Batman in next Superman movie

Posted by Anonymous on August 23, 2013

Rumors about who will star as the Caped Crusader in the yet-to-be-named film have been swirling ever since “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder announced at Comic-Con last monththat the two superheroes would appear together in the sequel – their first pairing on the big screen.Affleck’s name wasn’t even on The Hollywood Reporter’s list of possible Batmans two weeks ago, when it speculated Ryan Gosling or Josh Brolin were likely candidates.

Warner Bros. is planning for a July 17, 2015, worldwide release.

Affleck will star opposite British actor Henry Cavill, who Warner Bros. said will reprise his role as Clark Kent and Superman.

Snyder’s reimagining of Superman in “Man of Steel” broke the record for the biggest June opening when it appeared in theaters this year, taking in $125.1 million in its first weekend.

“It’s beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest superheroes in the world,” Snyder said at Comic-Con.

Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane also return for the new film, Warner Bros. said.

Christian Bale, who starred as Batman in three film installments of “The Dark Knight,” told CNN partner Entertainment Weekly last month that he wouldn’t be starring in a fourth. “Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan also said he wasn’t opting for a fourth movie in the franchise, the magazine said.


There has been some backlash from fans, but what are they going to do, uncast him? Graeme McMillan writes in wired:

… For proof of the knee-jerk complaint impulse, it’s worth revisiting the internet’s reaction to the casting of Heath Ledger as the Joker, an actor who is now considered by many to be the single best personification of the villain in the character’s 75+ year history. “There are over a million better choices, they could have picked someone off the street and made a better choice,” complained one fan. “Heath Ledger is not Joker material, simply put he does not have the mentality of it,” griped another one.

Based on the similarity between those comments and the responses by yesterday’s news, who’s to say Ben Affleck won’t surprise us and deliver if not the greatest Batman performance in history, then at least a very good one? Maybe — and I know this is a crazy thought, and I apologize in advance — we could just wait until we actually see him in the role before we start declaring it the worst idea in the world this time?



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Giant Dragon Skull on Beach is Advertisement

Posted by Anonymous on July 25, 2013

blinkbox – The Making of the Dragon Skull – YouTube.

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