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UFO or bizarre natural phenomenon?

Posted by Anonymous on August 5, 2009

An image of a boulder-like object that appears as if suspended mid-air has China’s paranormal researchers totally stumped.

Mr Gang Hao was taking photos of scenery near his house in the city of Gushan on the 19th of July. After he had the photos developed he noticed this most peculiar feature in one of the images (above and below). He contacted paranormal researchers but they haven’t been able to solve the puzzle. Is this some sort of UFO disguised as an earthly rock or is it the result of an unknown natural phenomenon?

Did some force send a rock into the sky at that particular moment or could this be a meteor? Mr Hao didn’t hear anything at the time. What do you think?

(Note: The image looks photoshopped to me but perhaps a reader is familiar with such phenomena)

via All News Web – UFO or bizarre natural phenomenon?.

Warning: The credibility of All News Web is, according to many is very low.  In other words, this is most likely a junk story. But I like the photo anyway. It would be fun to make rocks float. Yoda did it best, IMHO.

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Surveillance By Flying Saucer

Posted by Anonymous on August 5, 2009

File:Avrocar at factory.JPG

Above: The first Avrocar being readied at the Avro factory in 1958

Below: A flying saucer surveillance drone has been created by a British start-up company. Aesir has a prototype called Embler “that uses the “Coandă effect” which supposedly provides better lift for the device. Take a look at the well-controlled flying saucer drone in the video below.

Scale it up and we could fly around in it, right?

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Believe the Bible is True?

Posted by Anonymous on August 5, 2009

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KLJology: Keith has a personality type system

Posted by Anonymous on August 5, 2009

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Build a 3D model on line from your photos

Posted by Anonymous on August 5, 2009

There are some bugs  with account creation and the resulting 3d model I saw had some messed up areas, but this seems promising:  http://3dsee.net/



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Scary ancient spiders revealed in 3-D models, thanks to new imaging technique w/ Video

Posted by Anonymous on August 5, 2009

Halloween is only a few months away. Here is an early scare:  primordial spiders in 3D! (See the videos of two different ancient spiders.)

Cryptomartus hindiEarly relatives of spiders that lived around 300 million years ago are revealed in new three-dimensional models, in research published today in the journal Biology Letters.

Scientists at Imperial College London have created detailed 3D computer models of two fossilised specimens of ancient creatures called Cryptomartus hindi and Eophrynus prestvicii, closely related to modern-day spiders. The study reveals some of the physical traits that helped them to hunt for prey and evade predators.

The researchers created their images by using a CT scanning device, which enabled them to take 3,000 x-rays of each fossil. These x-rays were then compiled into precise , using custom-designed software.

…Cryptomartus hindi had ball-like growths at the base of its limbs, called coxal endites. The scientists believe the coxal endites could be an evolutionary hang-over from their last common ancestor, who probably used the growths at the base of their limbs to help them grind their food. These coxal endite-type growths can still be seen today in species such as horseshoe crabs, which use them to grind up their prey before pushing it into their backward-facing mouths.

The computer models also revealed that Cryptomartus hindi’s mouth appendages, called pedipalps, had tiny ‘tarsal’ claws attached at the end to help the creature to manipulate its prey. These claws are seen in rare modern-day arachnids such as the Ricinulei. The researchers say that the existence of this common physical feature, shared by the Cryptomartus hindi and the Ricinulei, lends further weight to the theory that they are closely related.

The models also reveal new information about Eophrynus prestivicii. Previous studies of fossilised remains of this creature suggested that it could have hunted on the open forest floor. It had long legs that enabled it to run through leaf litter to chase, catch and kill its prey.The new models reveal, for the first time, that Eophrynus prestivicii had defensive spikes on its back. The researchers say that the spikes may have been a defensive adaption by Eophrynus prestivicii, to make them a less tempting meal for the amphibians that would have recently emerged from the oceans onto land.

via  Physorg

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Trip Picture: The Sun and the moon

Posted by Anonymous on August 5, 2009

sunmoonOf all the amazing natural formations I’ve seen and have photographed over the last few days in Utah, this is my favorite. Just luck. The full moon on the left, the sun in the mirror. If I had a partially see through mirror and the right hill, I might have been able to superimpose them.

WordPress Technical Difficulties. WordPress seems to be having some problems. My  image above shows up for me when I am editing this post, but not when I am viewing it.

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James Randi’s Million Dollar Paranormal Prize to Continue after all.

Posted by Anonymous on August 5, 2009

I just came from Las Vegas where I saw Criss Angel’s magic show. Lot’s of disappearing acts plus  dance and surreal costumes by the Cirque Du Soleil people. Odd but interesting. Fun show.

Speaking of magic, Greg over at the Daily Grail has this:

http://i1.iofferphoto.com/img/item/382/002/51/o_criss_angel_mindfreak.jpgLast year the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) announced that the famous ‘Million Dollar Prize’ challenge for claims of the paranormal would come to an end in 2010. If you had been honing your skills in preparation for a dash at the money, rest easy: the JREF has now announced that they have reversed their decision, and the Challenge will continue:

Last year, we announced that the MDC would end in March 2010 due to the strains on time and effort of the JREF staff. However, after much discussion, we have decided not to terminate the Challenge. Instead, we are in the process of examining how it can be improved, streamlined, and made more efficient so that we can continue to use it to test claims of the paranormal.

However, we haven’t made any final decisions about it yet; we’re taking our time and making sure we do this right. When next March comes around we will roll out the new and improved Million Dollar Challenge. So never fear! We will continue to test the claims and examine the evidence, and we will always strive to ensure that reality – as it usually tends to do – wins out.

Hopefully the “streamlining” of the MDC takes into consideration some of the criticisms I raised in my article “The Myth of the Million Dollar Challenge“. But if not, at least skeptics can now continue to look on in wonder, completely surprised at the fact that in a population of 5 billion and counting, there are actually some odd /delusional people in the world.

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