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New Message

Posted by Anonymous on May 22, 2009

New Message, originally uploaded by xeno735.

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Huge Mars Region Shaped by Water

Posted by Anonymous on May 22, 2009

mars victoria crater picture Shifting sand dunes on ancient Mars once concealed a network of underground water spread across an area the size of Oklahoma, according to new findings from NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity. In 2004 Opportunity had spotted minerals and blueberry-shaped rocks indicative of ancient groundwater in the Martian crater Endurance.
– via NatGeo

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Have you heard ‘the Hum’? No, but I hear the high pitched sound of my ear failing

Posted by Anonymous on May 22, 2009

Picture of a man holding his hand over his earFor decades, hundreds of people worldwide have been plagued by an elusive buzzing noise known as “the Hum”. Some have blamed gas pipes or power lines, others think their ears are faulty. A few even think sinister forces could be at work.

“It’s a kind of torture, sometimes you just want to scream,” exclaims retired head teacher Katie Jacques.

Sitting in the living room of her home in the suburbs of Leeds, the 69-year-old grandmother describes the dull drone she says is making her life a misery.

Most visitors hear nothing, but to Katie the noise is painful, vivid and constant.

“It has a rhythm to it – it goes up and down. It sounds almost like a diesel car idling in the distance and you want to go and ask somebody to switch the engine off – and you can’t.”

Katie says she no longer has any quiet moments and getting a good night’s sleep has become impossible.

“It’s worst at night. It’s hard to get off to sleep because I hear this throbbing sound in the background and you know what it’s like when you can’t get to sleep and you’re tossing and turning and you get more and more agitated about it.”

Katie first became aware of the maddening rumble two years ago. She turned everything electrical off at the mains, but that made no difference. Neither did her efforts to block out the sound with ear plugs, or smother it with music.

via BBC NEWS | UK | Have you heard ‘the Hum’?

I am slowly going deaf. I constantly hear a very high pitched, very loud sound. I’m pretty sure this is due to ear damage. As a musician, I find this entirely horrible.  I will consider surgery if anything can be done for me. I visited an audiologist and I did have some hearing loss and a negative pressure in my right ear. Now the sound is spreading to my left ear. I blame the doctors for not seeing me soon enough when I had a ear ache. I ended up having a burst ear drum and bleeding from the ear a few years ago that is now going deaf.  So, I’m trying to make music as much as I can while I can still hear.  It may also be due to years of working next to loud fans. I’ve had many loud jobs over the years. Be warned! Years of hard work in a loud environment can rob you of your hearing. I hear the hiss right now. It is so loud. It makes me very sad and very angry at times.  As if I don’t have enough pressure already with losing my home and dealing with work.  I need to sleep for a month.

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The Mylow Magnetic Motor story

Posted by Anonymous on May 22, 2009

For those of you following this story, Mylow admitted fakery with fishing line after someone spotted it in a high resolution video. There are still those who believe he at first did have a working model, but was scared into discrediting himself by the government. One person who was his strong and kind advocate, was Sterling. A poll now shows that 51% of people polled believe Mylow was faking it from the very start. This is Sterling’s latest letter to Mylow:


As I’ve gone through my email from the last 24 hours, here is what I am sensing.
Though there may be yet a small trickle of replicators still working on this, for the vast majority, this story is just too much.
http://pesn.com/2009/05/01/9501534_NSA_apologizes_to_Mylow/Mylow-bar-magnet-motor-collage_300.jpg1) No confirmed replications of HJ’s design based on your input in two months, despite thousands of man-hours and many thousands of dollars spend by a lot of replicators giving it a good try.
2) No independent witnesses of your replication.
3) Your exposed trickery, which puts everything in question.
If you’re going to lie, then when did it really start, and did you ever tell the truth?
I stood at your defense in my story published last night:
A lot of people saying they’ve lost respect for my judgment.
I hear I’m getting a good hammering over at OverUnity.com
My read on this is that at this point the entire thing has fizzled out to a few smoking embers that are likely to smolder out within a few days.
The story of the hidden fish line doused the fire of hope that stirred so many people up to give this a try.
As far as I can see, it’s over.  Everything you worked for has been discredited by your fakery.  The MIB win again.  The bullies stay in power.
The only way to salvage this is to either have someone (e.g. me or [PMMTester]) come and see one of your working devices, or to send one of us one of your working devices.
Otherwise, your legacy in history goes down as a psychotic liar, and mental illnesses will be named after you.
Meanwhile, my credibility has likewise taken a major hit.  […]  The reputation has become: “believes in wild stories with no solid evidence.”  […]  Several people are calling for my resignation.

The name “Howard Johnson” will be associated with “Mylow”, and no one will dare mention it.
Is that what you want?
I’ve stood by you, now how about standing by me and all the other replicators who have believed in what you have presented.
Don’t let us all down, just because the MIB have you scared.  Grow some balls.
Do the right thing.  Let me and/or John come see your stuff, or send me/him a working device.  Or it could be all over.

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Third round of surgery without anaesthetic for hypnotherapist

Posted by Anonymous on May 22, 2009

http://images-cdn01.associatedcontent.com/image/A1750/17503/300_17503.jpgA HYPNOTHERAPIST from Worthing has undergone surgery without anaesthetic for the third time.

Alex Lenkei, 62, from Strathmore Close, underwent around 50 minutes of keyhole surgery on both ankles, in which surgeons sawed through bones as part of a procedure tackling his painful arthritis.

Mr Lenkei was conscious but in a self-induced hypnotic state throughout the procedure and listened to surgical gossip between the doctors as REM played on the stereo.

Feel operation

“It was quite good,” said Mr Lenkei.

“I could feel them operating. I could feel them moving the joint about and sawing through the bone, but there was no pain.

“It makes the healing process a heck of a lot better.

“Every time I do this stuff is surprising, but nobody is interested in doing any actual tests into what is actually happening when I’m under hypnosis; what prevents the pain.

“I just can’t understand why they’re not interested.”

Surgeon’s surprise

The surgical team who performed the operation admitted they were amazed by Mr Lenkei.

Simon Palmer, consultant foot and ankle surgeon, said he was happy to perform the surgery under the unusual conditions, provided it didn’t delay his other patients.

He said: “He had obvious arthritis of the ankles so we cleared lots of extra bone which had formed.

“We were using small burrs and shavers, shaving away bone. It’s not the sort of thing you could have under local anaesthetic.

“There are only two small incisions, very small, but you are examining the whole ankle so you are inflicting surgical damage throughout.”

Not for everyone

Mr Palmer said he wasn’t sure hypnotherapy had a universal application –

“You can’t just send all your patients on hypno-therapy courses” – but said Mr Lenkei’s abilities were well worthy of investigation.

He said: “He is unique. An absolutely fascinating case.

via Third round of surgery without anaesthetic for Worthing hypnotherapist – Worthing Today.

I’d like to learn that skill … for my occasional dental visits.

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Orangutans cannibalise own babies

Posted by Anonymous on May 22, 2009

Ratna, a female orangutanTwo female orangutans have been seen cannibalising the bodies of their recently deceased babies.

Such behaviour has never before been recorded in any great ape species.

The two incidences occurred just one month apart in the same region of forest in Indonesia.

The conservationist who witnessed both incidences suspects they were examples of aberrant behaviour, triggered by stressful living conditions suffered by both mothers.

Humans aside, chimpanzees were the only great apes known to engage in cannabilism, the eating of members of the same species. The behaviour had also been inferred but not seen in gorillas, after the remains of infants were found in the faeces of two adults.

But until now, no ape has been recorded eating its own offspring.

“Cannibalism has been documented in chimpanzees and reported in gorillas. Never before has any ape species been seen treating its own offspring as a consumable resource,” says David Dellatore of Oxford Brookes University, in Oxford, UK.

via BBC – Earth News.

Some say baby eating by humans happens in China, but this is not verified. We do know, however, that there are human cannibals. Luckily this behavior is rare in both humans and orangutans.

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Discoveryon: Bones of three prehistoric American Indians found in the basement

Posted by Anonymous on May 22, 2009

Bones found in the basement of an Albany barbershop belong to three prehistoric American Indians, Delaware County Coroner Jim Clevenger said.

“Suffice to say, no one was murdered in the last couple of years,” Clevenger said.

While officials have identified who the bones belonged to, how the bones ended up in the basement of a downtown Albany building where Gary Engelbrecht runs Fading Tradition barbershop remains a mystery.

The building housed a bank until 1965 and has been an insurance office, a consignment shop and an apartment in later years.

Engelbrecht discovered a bone in a basement vault shortly after he moved in about a year ago. He had entered the basement to check on a sump pump.

With 4-foot ceilings, standing water and a collapsed staircase, the basement looks like a scene from The Blair Witch Project.

“It was eerie,” Engelbrecht said.

Engelbrecht meant to tell authorities but forgot until he was cutting Clevenger’s hair around September.

via Discoveryon: Bones of three prehistoric American Indians found in the basement.

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Neurons That ‘Mirror’ The Attention Of Others Discovered

Posted by Anonymous on May 22, 2009

Whether a monkey is looking to the left or merely watching another monkey looking that way, the same neurons in his brain are firing, according to researchers at the Duke University Medical Center.

“We speculate that the neurons’ activity may lie beneath critical social behavior, such as joint attention,” said Michael Platt, Ph.D., Duke professor of neurobiology and evolutionary anthropology and senior author of the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “If social inputs to the neurons are disrupted, that might contribute to the social deficits seen in autism and other disorders.”

People spontaneously follow the gaze of other people, and this joint attention helps promote social bonding, enhance learning, and may even be necessary for the development of language. People who can’t do these things are at a decided disadvantage, and may fail to develop normal patterns of social interaction, Platt said.

In fact, the impulse to follow the direction of another monkey’s eyes was so strong, monkeys sometimes strayed from the assigned light detection task, for which they were rewarded with juice, and instead followed the gaze of a monkey they saw in the projected image.

via Neurons That ‘Mirror’ The Attention Of Others Discovered.

When I worked with monkeys, I heard a story that when one got out, it was easy to find because all of the still caged monkeys were staring up at it in the tree.

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Wind turbine noise suspected of killing 400 goats

Posted by Anonymous on May 22, 2009

http://gadgets.boingboing.net/gimages/robo_goat.jpgLate-night noise from spinning wind turbines on an outlying island of Taiwan may have killed 400 goats over the past three years by depriving them of sleep an agricultural inspection official said on Thursday.

After the eight turbines were installed in the notoriously windy Penghu archipelago in the Taiwan Strait a neighbouring farmer reported that his goats had started dying Council of Agriculture inspection official Lu Ming-tseng said.

“If noise at night can keep people awake then it could also keep the goats awake and when the wind kicks up it makes a louder noise ” Lu said. Agricultural authorities would make tests to rule out any other causes of death Lu said adding that if the giant power-generating turbines proved to be at fault Taiwan Power had promised to compensate the farmer.

via Wind turbine noise suspected of killing 400 goats | Oddly Enough | STV News.

Just design them so they aren’t as loud… or move the goats!

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Obama Endorses Indefinite Detention Without Trial for Some Now at Guantanamo

Posted by Anonymous on May 22, 2009

http://www.tennesseecriminallawyerblog.com/863724_chain_.jpgPresident Obama acknowledged publicly for the first time yesterday that some detainees at Guantanamo Bay may have to be held without trial indefinitely siding with conservative national security advocates on one of the most contentious issues raised by the closing of the military prison in Cuba. “We are going to exhaust every avenue that we have to prosecute those at Guantanamo who pose a danger to our country ” Obama said. “But even when this process is complete there may be a number of people who cannot be prosecuted for past crimes but who nonetheless pose a threat to the security of the United States.”

“We are going to exhaust every avenue that we have to prosecute those at Guantanamo who pose a danger to our country,” Obama said. “But even when this process is complete, there may be a number of people who cannot be prosecuted for past crimes, but who nonetheless pose a threat to the security of the United States.”

Some human rights advocates criticized Obama for adopting the idea that some detainees are not entitled to a trial. Others said the president was boxed in by cases inherited from the Bush administration in which possible prosecution had been irretrievably compromised by coercive interrogation.

The president stopped short of saying he would institutionalize indefinite detention for future captives.

“The issue is framed pretty exclusively in terms of existing Guantanamo detainees,” said Tom Malinowski, the head of Human Rights Watch’s Washington office. “There is a big difference between employing an extraordinary mechanism to deal with legacy cases compromised because of Bush administration actions and saying we need a permanent national security regime.”

But Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, said employing preventive detention simply because some cases at Guantanamo are too difficult to prosecute involves the kind of legal expediency that Obama said was a hallmark of his predecessor’s policies.

“My question is not only ‘What happens to those people who may be perpetually in prison?’ but ‘What kind of precedent does that set for the future?’ ” Ratner said. “It’s not one I find constitutional or acceptable. Opening that door even for a few Guantanamo detainees is anathema. He is closing Guantanamo physically, but he’s repackaging it with a little more legal gloss.”

via – washingtonpost

You can not capture and hold people in cages indefinitely with no charges.  Everyone knows this is wrong. It is a gross violation of human rights.

Individual human rights apply even if your captor is the largest most powerful government in the world.

This will inflame our enemies. It will make new enemies out of potential friends. It is a wrong and stupid decision.

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