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How to regrow or repair bad teeth naturally

Posted by Anonymous on April 10, 2009

Novasonic massagerYes, it is possible to repair and even regrow your teeth using a completely natural method that is actually based on science. A team of Alberta researchers applied for a patent that claims they created a miniature device that will stimulate the jaw bones and gums around the affected tooth. Using the low intensity ultrasound technology, they claim they were able to regrow the root of a tooth and stimulate tooth grow and repair.

Although the technology is not going to be in your local dental office for a few years, I believe we don’t have to wait for it and apply the common sense to do the whole process ourselves. First, we need a low frequency ultrasound source and from all the legally (you can’t buy a real ultrasound machine unless you are a doctor) available sources two come to mind.

First is a Novasonic Massager that can generate a sound vibration of 20,000 Hertz. It is not your regular massager and all you have to do is slightly touch the skin and you can feel the sound waves go deep within your body. I have one myself and love using it.

Second device is more sophisticated and you can find them selling on Ebay. The link searches for the Ebay results for “ultrasound massager” and you will see a bunch of them selling from $100 to $150. They are much more powerful then a Novasonic model and can generate up to 3-5 mHz frequency, so be very careful when using one. You should get one that generates only 1-2 mHz, as 3-5 mHz vibrations don’t go very far – about 1/8″-1/4″ deep.

So, what I do is I apply the sound waves from the device to my teeth and gums for a few minutes every day and get a gentle but thorough massage this way.

via How to regrow or repair bad teeth naturally.

I have a tooth I’d like to regrow, right NOW.  Has this worked for anyone? I want to do this … so if any doctors know of cancer risks from ultrasounding your tooth roots and jaw, speak up. Or if the people in Alberta have any tips based on their research, let us know. This from Science Daily:

Dr. Tarak El-Bialy, Ying Tsui and Dr. Jie ChenCanadian breakthrough promises the ability to regrow teethScienceDaily (June 28, 2006) — Hockey players, rejoice! A team of University of Alberta researchers has created technology to regrow teeth – the first time scientists have been able to reform human dental tissue.

… Using low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS), Dr. Tarak El-Bialy from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Drs. Jie Chen and Ying Tsui from the Faculty of Engineering have created a miniaturized system-on-a-chip that offers a non-invasive and novel way to stimulate jaw growth and dental tissue healing.

“It’s very exciting because we have shown the results and actually have something you can touch and feel that will impact the health of people in Canada and throughout the world,” said Chen, who works out of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the National Institute for Nanotechnology.

The wireless design of the ultrasound transducer means the miniscule device will be able to fit comfortably inside a patient’s mouth while packed in biocompatible materials. The unit will be easily mounted on an orthodontic or “braces” bracket or even a plastic removable crown. The team also designed an energy sensor that will ensure the LIPUS power is reaching the target area of the teeth roots within the bone. TEC Edmonton, the U of A’s exclusive tech transfer service provider, filed the first patent recently in the U.S. Currently, the research team is finishing the system-on-a-chip and hopes to complete the miniaturized device by next year.

“If the root is broken, it can now be fixed,” said El-Bialy. “And because we can regrow the teeth root, a patient could have his own tooth rather than foreign objects in his mouth.” – scienceDaily

That was three years ago. I’ve written to ask for an update.  Here is Dr. El-Bialy’s profile including his current work. Here is the patent application for the ultrasound device that can regrow teeth.  Ultrasound works to regrow teeth according to this site which does not seem to have been recently updated:

This is about our eighteen month test of using LIPUS to regrow pulp and dentin at an accelerated rate for mature and senior people. The process invigorates the inside of our teeth for increased healthier tissue. The added growth of dentin bolsters the enamel as it was when you were a younger person. In addition to the above an increase of density in mandible bone and upper tooth support solidifies tooth roots. Our experience shows a solid bite equal to that in our teenage years. The ringing of teeth when biting down hard, which we had forgotten entirely, was back again. Professor Paul Sharpe, Head of the Department of Craniofacial Development, King’s College London stated: “A key medical advantage of this new technology is that a living tooth can preserve the health of the surrounding tissues much better than artificial prosthesis. Teeth are living, and they are able to respond to a person’s bite. They move, and in doing so they maintain the health of the surrounding gums and teeth.”

At the present time our technology is at the stage where regrowing teeth is limited to teeth with live roots. The inner part of the tooth, dentin is alive and in regrowing will expand into its initial, youthful proportions. The dentin thereby puts equal pressure on the Enamel part of the tooth as in the younger person. This naturally recurring rejuvenation has a propensity to expel such parts of the tooth enamel which have previously been broken, which may result in its loss. Our experience is based on our use of this methodology and equipment and is now in its third year. Any person planning to use this Canadian LIPUS technique can inquire with questions to our test section. – hopp , lipus.org

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76 Responses to “How to regrow or repair bad teeth naturally”

  1. scott said

    sorry no but i would like to know too

  2. samuel said

    how much is need in this threatment ?

  3. Arnulf said

    fake – doesn’t work

    • Dallas said

      How do you know have you actually tried this or do u just believe what the dentist tells you and that’s then end I do remember at one point once you lost your hair that was the end of it too so really its the same concept and it makes since all you got to do is have a bud and it will grow your body can recreate the issue at hand

  4. Michael Guthrie said

    I might get my fractured teeth extracted. bridgework may not work and is a considered foreign object. how do I save my fractured teeth or regrow the ones extracted?

  5. mary said

    Its possible- the moment you think it’s impossible, it becomes impossible. I’m regrowing my damaged tooth as we speak. Reminds me of that recent news clip about the guy who recently regrew a piece of his skull that was covered by a metal plate.

  6. [...] For those who are hoping for a perfect solution to many dental problems, Japanese scientists have been able to grow a new tooth in a mouse.  They did this by taking two types of cells, mesenchymal and epithelial, separately growing large numbers of them, putting them together into a drop of collagen, growing a tiny tooth, and then inserting it into the mouse’s mouth.  The transplant grew into a perfect new tooth.  (Toothless mice can eat again)  Researchers have also been able to regrow mouse teeth from tooth buds extracted from mouse embryos, although in this case the teeth were simpler and with fewer facets.  (Teeth regrown for the first time) Inventors claim that they have developed a device that massages gums with pulsed ultrasonic waves that can grow a toot from a tooth root.  They also say that it can also be used to stimulate bone growth.  (Smile! A new Canadian tool can re-grow teeth say inventors, and How to regrow or repair bad teeth naturally)  [...]

  7. Betty Barr said

    If using the ultrasonic or Novasonic massager directly in the mouth do you need to use a gel on the teeth or gums? How long should you massage them for?
    Would be interested to know too if Mary ever replied.
    Thanks for the article Zeno,

  8. LAURA said


  9. jenn said

    HEllo, I am interested in regrowing teeth fast! I havent smiled in 10 years due to fractured teeth! Any thing I can do at home to regrow my teeth and repair broken teeth by june? I cant afford cosmetic surgery and if I can fixed my teeth by regrowing them from home it would be a blessing. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. Dental Student said

    This is complete BS folks.

  11. Rob said

    Yeah BS because your a dental student and you believe everything they tell you!
    “Lets destroy people’s teeth so we can make more money” Dental Industry
    Seems to me like the researcher never updated because it works too good,
    so you may not hear anything about it again.

    • aldo said

      That is so true. I read the article about the ultrasound thing in 2006 and they said it would be available for people to buy by the end of 2009. Now there is no talk of it as if it never existed.

  12. scott said

    me again i used toothsoap and toothswish and i had a large cicle like crack on my frontright tooth and after 4 months it’s just a outline.most of my enamal in the past i brush off when i was 10 i thought i was washing my teeth properly and recently drank a lot of juice so i had very little enamal(i’m 26 now)and now it’s growing back. i also have half a dozen craked and chipped teeth my front teeth are brittle and 6 days ago started useing G5 Organic Silica 3 times a day if i notice my cracked teeth growing back i’ll let you know.

  13. Adair said

    I would be interested in growing new teeth as well I have lost a couple in the back

  14. debb said



  15. Jen said

    I’M SO DAMN ANGRY… It’s 2010 now so why haven’t they released it already? The dental industry obviously doesn’t want the device to be out on market.

  16. Jason B said

    Why not just buy the device off of ebay like everyone else..

    I just ordered mine a few weeks back and have been doing this..Not sure if it is working but will update if it does.

    • Xeno said

      Yes, let us know. What is the situation you are attempting to fix with the device you purchased? Anyone else try this and see positive results?

    • Margaret said

      I am interested to know where to purchased it and the cost. I am in Sydney and like many others have asked a dentist he looked at me like what on dope. Most dentists do not want to know about it they are just interested in making more and more money.

  17. j. paul said

    i’m so worried because i only have my right side to chew food and it is getting worse. i hope someone who has been successful will update us.

  18. Mitch said

    I am a little confused as to what this technique can do, are we talking about growing new teeth from the fround up? or repairing cavities?

  19. carolyn said

    i was checking the device on ebay and was wondering if you put this on your cheek or inside the mouth. sounds little disgusting to put in the mouth. i saw they also use this for other uses too. gonna go back and check them again.

  20. Soledad said

    I’m amazed, absolutely amazed. In 2002, I went to the dentist to have a tooth pulled because I thought that the infection my tooth had only option was to have it pulled. Fortunately, I was able to save the root and my dentist did a root canal as well as bridge work. Last month, 8 years later, pieces of the bridge work started falling off until the whole thing fell off. Mind you, I did not want to go back to my dentist to have this taken care of because this is very expensive work. So I decided to leave my root unattended until I managed to save some money for dental work. Because of the hollow space, my tongue would naturally start touching the root and the amazing happened. After I thought I had no other option than to have the root extracted or have another bridge work, which I did not want, the amazing happened, little by little I noticed that the rooth was growing a tooth. A perfectly healthy tooth! I was so alarmed at this that I did some research on this and found out that as long as there is root left, and the area is massaged constantly, a new teeth/tooth will regrow. Amazing, I’m just astounded at how our bodies are made….

    • Sal said

      If it had a root canal then it’s dead. You’re talking nonsense.

      • Mark said

        Not exactly speaking nonsense, Had something similar happen. Had a root canal, but the tooth had 4 and they did 3 of the 3/4 of the way. After about 8 years my crown popped off and the post came out, turns out that the root had started to grow and created pressure that cause the post to come out. Unfortunately one of them got infected so I had them redo the root canal. About 6 months later the post got loose again and discovered the 4th one that had been hidden before was creating a new surface under the crown/post and allowed seepage. The dentist was upset that the first dentist had missed this and done such a horrible job of the root canal and said I should get my money back for the job. So I went ahead and had the other root canal done and returned to the other dentist, who had already retired. I felt stupid when he said I was suppose to return as he had only removed the damaged part of the pulp and left room for the pulp to try to return. Which happened some years later. looking back on my records he had me schedule to come back in 1 year for an update because I had agreed to a clinical trial. He told me that a few people teeth could recover this way. Now I feel stupid for not following up with his clinical trial at the time. I don’t think the odd are good, but there are a few of us that has the root (if some is left) regrow. I do know that about 7 years later I started to use an ultrasonic toothbrush but don’t know if this had any effect(affect).

  21. dan said

    Well. I am ordering a Novasonic now! To add to my many theraputic devices that I buy. To re-grow & repair teeth. It is recommended to take Cod Liver Oil. Alone this is suppose too repair Teeth. Being an expet on Longevity & Rejuvination. I will advise you to visit Jon Fox website Hillarion & his Omni inert gas device with Xenon. Or just moo & bahh like Herd mentality, nay sayers always do.your welcome.

  22. Hadi said

    What frequency (Mhz) & Amplitude is LIPUS?

  23. rofl said

    Get a life with all this I bought this , I bought that, bullshit. Grow up , they are doing research on ways to repair and regrow teeth , but its nothing more then research still. No clinical trials in humans , stop trying to sell your bs to people with hope.

    • Rich of Consolidated Health Research said

      Actually, if you did your home work, you would find that they did their home work and first had great success regrowing teeth in rats or mice then did in fact go to clinical human trials and had great success also. It is a PROVEN science now. “HOWEVER”…you also cannot just go buy a vibrator and do the same job. They also in a manner of speaking, seed the tooth root with a prepared substance which helps also to get the desired result. But it does require “both” to get the result.

  24. lol said

    Dont just make up stuff to factualize your lie. There has not been any human trials.Period do your homework and use google. Makeing up stuff is a good way to spread ignorance.

  25. Kyle said

    I’ve been thinking about buying one of these devices for awhile now, but before any critics jump on this idea I just want to share some personal experience. First of all I stopped using floride awhile ago. Last year I cracked one of my molars from grinding my teeth. It’s only been the past 2 years or so since I started grinding from stress. A mouth guard offered little relief. Next thing I know I’ve cracked my tooth down the middle half way down, and am in a dentist office getting my tooth drilled down and some filling put in. During the process the dentist created another crack in the tooth. I was brushing 3-4 times a day with Sensodyne to keep the pain at bay. Plus ibuprofen. I started doing my research on tooth regrowth. Found alot of interesting info including the LIPUS. My first step was to toss all flouride products. I, my wife, and son started using an olive oil based tooth brushing soap. After about 3 months I noticed the crack through my tooth was moving away from the center. A year later it’s only a small line. You ever notice if a light is shined on your teeth you see fine lines? Yeah, those mostly went away too. My wife and son had a visit 2 months ago and a perfect bill of health for their teeth and gums. My next step is LIPUS. Maybe I’ll come back here and message when my filling falls out and the tooth regrows. P.S. My sisters a dental student, and my brother was a dentist. Can’t deny what they see though ;)

  26. 247wkman said

    been wathing this- 5 teeth could use replacement so the miraculous healing technique is encouraging- at least for me to keep the teeth in as long as possible to retain the root. can’t afford squat right now and curse those constant sweet binges- i would still have perfect teeth otherwise. anyway what Soledad said was pretty suspicous to me- i mean a route canal invulse filling up the nerve and vein structures – like if you stuffed an animal so i could asume it would be dead. but these doughts can be relieved with a progressive youtube dock so if anyone has got a sonic ultra thingy and it trying to fix there teeth, try and do us a photo doc- video is prefered to show no trickery!

  27. go to: http://www.novasonicwest.com

    to see the units

  28. hasti said

    hi dear.
    iam searching some ways to repair damaged jaw .cause iam involving it for about 2 years and so intolarable tfor me.
    i need help

  29. Eric said

    I just lost a filling in my #14 tooth, which is an upper left molar. Interested in learning about having it regenerate.

  30. ileana said

    i wish to repair my teeth naturally, but for the moment my teeth have many white fillings, and i’m still going to the dentist. I have tooth soap in the house (some say it’s good b/c it doesn’t contain glycerin), but i think i overused it (have put 2-3 strands on the toothbrush), so i quickly (in just a few weeks) got cavities between many teeth. I stopped using the soap. Now i’m using a jason’s toothpaste (which i think has glycerin), just to use something. But no fluoride.

    i see that the information is out there (here) so it’s nice to know we CAN do it, but found no tried-and-true solutions yet. I’ll wait.
    The Golden Age is approaching fast. It’s up to us to make it happen, to materialize the opportunity. There’s lots of spiritual stuff surrounding us, you know that, eh? :)


    • Dennis said

      I healed my teeth by lightly brushing two or three times per day with Pure Xylitol (not the mouth rinse).Buy the “packets”like sugar comes in.

      Xylito is wood grain alcohol but you will think it is sugar (but it is not sugar!)”taste Great”too!
      When I can’t brush I even pour on tounge and crunch the granules up in between my teeth and swish the product throughly around and between my teeth for about three or four minutes then spit.

      In the AM and PM simply pour the packet in palm of hand dip a “dry” tooth brush in the xylitol power and brush.
      (no water needed)A flood of natural saliva will kick in and do the work!

      Warning Xylito is safe for humans but is highly toxic to our pets.This has to do with their liver function.

      No kidding I have found that xylitol will erase small cavitys and will stop a large cavity in it’s tracks allowing the dental hole to actually fill itself naturally to a great extent and repair itself to a large degree in a very short time span.

      I have also found any large decay that might be left behind stops growing immediately and becomes hard and useful for chewing again.

      PS: You will also immediately notice a pinker tounge and fresher breath the very next morning you awake.

      $60 bucks will currently buy a years supply of pure xylito in small paper packets (just like sugar on a resturant table is packed.
      And for me $60 is cheaper than a dental bill and drill any day.
      Below is where I purchase my packets of xylitol.

      • ileana said

        A big thank you!

      • Dennis said

        Ileana You are most welcome!
        Stick with it because xylitol begins working day one by stripping (all) of the tarter away from teeth.Therefore the bacteria that feed on that tarter have no way to grow. This means there is no acid left behind on the tooth enamel which is what causes a cavity to form in the first place!(whitens too with out harming enamel)

        PS: For tooth abscess:100%liquid “golden seal will totally kill any infection usually over night.(comes with it’s own dropper.)
        If the mouth is severly tender or(in case the affected area is an upper tooth)simply use 3 to 6 drops mixed in with a “mouth wash bottle cap”filled with water. Swish solution for a couple of minutes and spit.Then place fingers on the out side of jaw and press the infection right out from under the affected tooth.Do this several times a day if possible and always at bedtime (till infection is gone).
        Golden seal was first used by native american indians for oral issues (including mouth cancers) and was also used as a natural yellow dye.Don’t worry it will brush off the teeth easily. After swishing “only spit” the solution do not rinse as this dilutes it’s medicinal effects.(works under caps and crowns too)

        If ever in a tooth ache 911 emergency!!!!
        Place a slice of fresh cut garlic clove on top of or below the hurting tooth and gently bite down.Garlic is a natural antibotic-pain killer!
        The pain will subside almost immediately.
        (This also works under caps and crowns)
        After a minute or so remove the garlic from mouth and if it’s time for bed you will be able to sleep all night pain free.Do not hold raw fresh garlic in mouth for too long or it may irritate the jaw!
        For simply restoring teeth from cavity damage remember to stick with xylitol,and ignore other teeth healing remedies because xylitol works it really works!
        ck out:

      • Xeno said


        Xylitol does not dissolve tarter, I see no way it could …but Periogen will do that for you.

        Also, bacteria don’t eat tarter. Tarter is mineral deposits, the reason dentists scrape teeth during cleanings. Tarter above the gum line is called calculus and it does give you more bacteria, not because they feed on it, but because it gives them more places to hide.

        I’ve seen no double blind placebo controlled studies show that Goldenseal helps at all. Prolonged use will cause hypertension, vasoconstriction and diarrhea.

        Also, NEVER apply garlic directly to your skin! It will cause lesions. You’ll just be in more pain. Use salt water instead of garlic.

        But so far, you seem to be right about the benefits of xylitol, and I can’t find any significant dangers, other than to dog livers.

        - In one study, those who chewed 100% xylitol pellet gum had the lowest risk of cavities.

        - “small glucose and insulin responses also suggest that lactitol and xylitol are suitable components of the diet for diabetic patients. ” – ajcn

      • Xeno said

        I don’t know why but my instinct is to avoid xylitol. I have no cavities and I use tea tree oil mouth wash and from time to time periogen, or 3% hydrogen peroxide, or my limited supply of the no longer available novamin.

  31. Dennis said

    Works great for me!!!!!

  32. Very interesting idea to regrow teeth!
    However, I don’t know which ultrasound device to buy, they are all to big to work around the teeth in the mouth.
    Please advise. Marie

  33. Alec Burnett said

    So, could an ultrasound generator heal little chips on a tooth?

    • Xeno said

      Not as far as I know. The ultrasound stimulates the tooth to grow from the base up and the part you see with the chip is already formed. It can remineralize but there are no living cells there to repair the enamel.

  34. carole said

    H, is this blog still going?? Can anyone tell me what to do with a toothe (also upper back molar) had big filling in it, fell out a short time ago…now, feeling like may need a root canal. Think the nerve is exposed and is very painful..any help hope etc??

    All of the above posts seem to be dealing mainly with cavities, but this is much more than that. I too have wanted to save the root so it can regrow one day, now I don’t know what to do, pain is pretty bad and I may just have to have it root canaled..any help??
    thank you.

    • Hi Carole,

      Just researching it myself, and have some new information. This is what I have so far. Please see the links (and key notes I’ve taken from them) below. I’d say make a program for yourself from the information below. Pray, visualize, and don’t eat anything that would decrease health. Get support from a friend, loved one, family, whoever you are able to.

      1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2XIMJMOQTA&list=UUAedoHBH8L751GHlUNb5OYg&index=2&feature=plcp

      have a diet high in good fats and in nutrients. reduce sugars.

      eat from the 4 groups from Weston A Price (google him):

      add key supplements like
      E3 Live – v mineral dense
      colostrum ~ 2 Tbs/day
      pasture-raised cow butter + fermented cod liver oil

      flossing/ brushing – keep the bacteria level in the mouth down (dare I say tongue scrape too – get a gadget – check google or your local health food store)

      clacking or tapping the teeth- stimulates the teeth and the kidney too. do up to 3 sets of 9 or 18 times

      2. from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5zsJYGIwGY&feature=related
      look into eating for beauty by david wolfe
      supplements like silica, MSM

      oil pulling – google it. I’ve done it. I think there is something to it.

      3. Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAm8_8Xd1TA&feature=related

  35. Hi Carole,

    Just researching it myself, and have some new information. This is what I have so far. Please see the links (and key notes I’ve taken from them) below:

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2XIMJMOQTA&list=UUAedoHBH8L751GHlUNb5OYg&index=2&feature=plcp

    have a diet high in good fats and in nutrients. reduce sugars.

    eat from the 4 groups from Weston A Price (google him):
    raw, grassfed dairy (fermented is better – like cheeses)
    pasture-fed animal meats
    organ meat
    missing one – see the video

    add supplements like
    E3 Live – v mineral dense
    colostrum ~ 2 Tbs/day

    flossing/ brushing – keep the bacteria level in the mouth down (dare I say tongue scrape too – get a gadget – check google or your local health food store)

    clacking or tapping the teeth- stimulates the teeth and the kidney too. do up to 3 sets of 9 or 18 times

    2. from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5zsJYGIwGY&feature=related
    look into eating for beauty by david wolfe
    supplements like silica, MSM

    oil pulling – google it. I’ve done it. I think there is something to it.

    3. Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAm8_8Xd1TA&feature=related

    4. Check out Dr Fuller’s work

    5. Look into raw food/raw paleo diet.

    I’d say pick one or two, some combine, some don’t, like raw food and cooked options, but I think there IS a way.

    I’m working on it too – don’t give up!

  36. One more – look into Ramiel Nagel. Don’t get a root canal if you can.

  37. Eric said


    And thought I’d share this. Have you seen: jerricousher.hubpages.com/hub/Regrow-Teeth?

  38. Eric said

    Some more:

    In Chinese medicine the kidneys are believed to be the main driver in the task of rebuilding the teeth. Healing techniques which employ the regenerative power of the kidneys include certain qi gong routines, yoga routines, certain herbal and animal foods, and healing through tantric sex (sounds like fun!). For some people, the kidneys may be the primary vehicle for healing the dentition. Read more at:

    http://forum.lef.org/default.aspx?f=43&m=17576 and search for the words above.

    same page:

    The style of healing best suited to a particular person can be one of many. Employing several strategies in combination may be the best approach as it avoids the risks that occur if a single bodily system is employed alone.

    From all my healing, I’ve learned that there is a way. But you usually need to go out of your way, get past frustrations, ignore naysayers, think outside the box!

    1. Research all the ways that you can do what you want – in this case, heal a broken or missing tooth. There’s lots out there.

    2. Choose a method, a healer, or work with a friend/spouse. Write it down, post it on the wall. Decide on how long you will spend time on it. Even 5 minutes is good.

    3. Do a little of your program every day until you get your desired result. Don’t be discouraged. It may take years. Or just months. It may vary. Sometimes prayer is needed.

    Don’t give up. Choose your method, start it up, and persist.

  39. Tanja Guven said

    I have a friend who has terrible meth mouth. Will this method work if the gum socket is empty? He is understandably ashamed of his teeth (about eight remaining to date) and I heard that people without their teeth are more likely to die–I like him, and he’s quite good-looking and youthful aside from the dreadful teeth.

  40. nang said

    how long should we wait for that device????it is already complete now in 2012???????

    • Xeno said

      In tests it probably worked too well. They tried to regrow a tooth and the new tooth grew a whole new person attached to it. Since this type of instant fast-grow cloning makes women obsolete for procreation, they are keeping the test results under wrap. They might be working on having it just re-grow a person’s own organs. A full success would be a kind of disaster. Immortality would mess up the planet… unless only a few people, like me, were immortal.

  41. Its as if you learn my head! You peer to comprehend a good deal about this, such as you wrote the e-book within it or something. I’m that you can do by % to pressure the material home slightly, but instead of that, that’s wonderful blog. An excellent read. Let me definitely be back.

  42. Clive said

    I like to think this is possible as have around 6 teeth missing and really would appreciate the thought of nice teeth again but 1 thing is this article has been around for some 5 or 6 years now and my 2nd point is it would prob put dentist out of work if a job as simple as this would create new teeth.

  43. richal henary said

    Is this lipus device regrow broken teeth ?
    When will this available for public ?
    Kindly send full information about teeth regrow.

    • Xeno said

      What you read here is the information we currently have. Kindly contact the researchers and let us know if you discover any new progress in this area,

  44. Senzo said

    I am a young guy aged 21 down at South Africa, my tooth got broken in half during 2007 and it started losing pieces till 2010 when only the inner part(nerves) was left. According to may little research so far I found that for this device to be usable, I should remove left nerves so to start a re-generation of the new natural tooth. What I would like to know is how much is it estimated to cost and when is it estimated to be on the market. You may directly e-mail me or post a replay here in case anyone can make any clarity on that.

  45. Reef said

    Anyone have any updates on this? I emailed Dr Tarek but have not received a reply. I read somewhere that SmileSonica has the rights to produce the new device.

  46. Allison said

    Is this really work and how to take this procedure?

  47. jannet said

    I think it’s a fake info we are now 2014 and haven’t heared anything about it.

  48. Pepijn said

    Well, good to read this topic, more interesting stuff to find. Maybe there’s a lead in the animal kingdom… Information about rabbits and other rodents: They have continuously growing teeth.. A good statement to bring forth here i thought

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