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Crazy Idea # 358: Straighten Your Own Teeth with Dental Floss Braces

Posted by Anonymous on January 31, 2009

I’ve never heard of anyone successfully correcting their own crooked teeth. Are there any orthodontists or dentists who can answer this?

I tried Invisalign braces a few years ago but had an allergic reaction to the plastic. I tried to get regular braces and one orthodontist said I do not have enough bone in my jaw so I can’t get my teeth straightened.

I went to another a few years later who insisted I have my teeth cleaned first. I went to do that and had a dentist who I thought messed up the job on one tooth, so I never went back. Therefore, years later, my teeth are still crooked. I saw a picture of myself recently and I was pretty disgusted with my crooked teeth. So, I’m trying something new, “Dental Floss Braces”.

I don’t know what the dangers are of attempting to straighten your own teeth, but the pressure I feel when I rope my teeth together just right with the floss is similar to what I felt with the Invisalign process.


Perhaps Lingual Braces are best if you can afford them? The page I found says, “lingual braces are a good option for those who have sensitivity to plastic.”

One person claims to have used dental floss braces successfully (but there are no before and after pictures).

Guess what: I straightened my own teeth by tying them together with dental floss. Instead of getting braces I straightened my own teeth (my hand to God). Does that mean I think other people could do the same? Are people who have crooked teeth somehow beneath me because they didn’t take the initiative to straighten their own teeth when I have done so myself?

UPDATE: I don’t recommend trying this. You can make your teeth completely fall out this way. I think you could also die of a blood clot if you really mess up.

“It’s important to move the teeth gradually … If you move the teeth too fast, it can result in severe loosening of the teeth or tooth loss.” – enotalone

Yes, you can move your teeth with floss braces. Even a few hours with too much tension and you may feel your upper an lower teeth no longer match up… but consider what you have to learn to be a licensed orthodontist: first, you need 4 years of college, then another 4 years to become a dentist, then about 2 to 3 more years to become an orthodontist.  During that time, you learn how not to make people’s teeth fall out, how not to kill them with infections, how to deal with many different specific problems that can lead to complications, and so on.

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122 Responses to “Crazy Idea # 358: Straighten Your Own Teeth with Dental Floss Braces”

  1. I tried Invisalign and got pretty good results, but I still have one tooth that is a little bit off. I think I’m going to try this out, but I only have the Glide floss, which someone else commented can leach chemicals.

  2. Sandy said

    I straightened my teeth with tiny rubber bands like orthodontists sometimes use. I had a huge space on one side,& fixed that besides straightened the rest. I told my dentist & he said my teeth & gums were in perfect condition & an orthodontist could not have done better. So it is possible to fix your own teeth without complications.

    • cindy said

      How long did it take? Do you have any reccomendations on how to do it exactly? Do you have any before and after pics by any chance?

      Thank You

    • Threasa said

      What size rubber bands did you use? How long a day did you wear them?

    • some girl said

      I have crooked teeth & am attempting to try it. How long did it take you to straighten them with the rubber band & how long per day should you leave them on?

  3. Brandy said

    I had some molars removed, and everything is shifting around now, some teeth are starting to really fall. I’ll try this…

  4. A. Neal said

    I have crooked teeth, and I’m sick of it! I’m tempted to try the dental floss thing myself.. Maybe if Dentists and orthodontists made getting dental work affordable for poor ppl like me, home remedies wouldn’t be necessary!

    • Xeno said

      I lived with crooked teeth for most my life and only finally got braces as an adult. Have an orthodontist do it when the time is right, if you really want to, but if you try to straighten your teeth yourself, they may fall out and teeth don’t grow back. Crooked teeth are better than no teeth.

  5. Nicole said

    This sounds like the dental equivalent of do-it-yourself liposuction, aka entirely unsafe and crazy. Save your money elsewhere. It is not worth the risk of the almost guaranteed medical bills you will have incurred to later treat your infections. Besides, even if you could permanently move them, how do you know it would be the right place? You could probably hurt an over/underbite even more.

  6. Other crooked-teeth guy said

    I think I’ll try this. But I wish I had a schematic. Two of my front teeth sometimes cut into my lip and I really want to straighten them, but I can’t afford a dentist, much less an orthodontist.
    P.S. I’ll bet dimes to dollars that everyone who lands here is American. When I lived in Japan, I should totally have taken advantage of the health care there.

  7. azmode said

    i had near perfect teeth 3 years ago,but i got on the methidone program to get my life straight after making the mistake of experimenting with drugs(long story),im happy i got out of that lifestyle and have been clean for years now, but no one told me id have dental problems from that medication, and now my teeth have spaced out and i have lots of bone loss/gapped teeth that look totally different and horrible compared to before the program!!! so i want to try this dental floss thing,but cuz of the bone loss, im scared i might lose my teeth trying….someone said to just save money elsewhere to be able to afford dental work, but what do you do when you dont have any money to save in the first place?!?!….and yes, im an american,…our healthcare should be the best in the world!!!,but its not even close!!! ive become so severely depressed because of my teeth,that i cant go in public without being conscious of my mouth,let alone work ,to have money or a dental plan…i had jobs almost my whole life till these last couple years,….why cant my government help me get my smile back so i can face the world again?????!!!!! why do i have to resort to a diy with dental floss and rubber bands like if im in a 3rd world country !!!???? almost half the ppl i know and grew up with now have dental problems and had to get teeth pulled instead of filled or capped because medicaid wont pay for nothing but to pull all your teeth out instead of preserving your smile…..these are ppl who still have young faces,but now with messed up smiles, because we can have our taxxes pay for our government to fly around first class and in private jets, but not pay for lower/middle class america to have a decent smile! this is how our country cares for us!!!!!!! were not the great country we like to say we are if we cant even smile saying it!!!!! -azmode

    • Nick said

      I read somewhere that there are smile again programs to help low income people with braces. Its worth to googleing it . Gl

    • Tina said

      So, wait….you want me, an American taxpayer, to pay MORE taxes so that the government can pay for YOUR to be fixed…and you f%$%#d them up yourself using drugs? I work my ass off and have never used drugs, why on God’s green earth should I pay for YOUR teeth? THIS is what’s wrong with America today and exactly what the founding fathers were afraid would happen. Here’s an idea…are you working three jobs like I am? Babysit, mow lawns, repair things for people…in short, get off your ass and do whatever you can to save the money to get your OWN teeth fixed. You are not a victim…you can take care of yourself.

      • Damn str8 sis’, State and Federal assistance needs some serious reform.

      • Bjorne said

        “dental problems from that medication”

        From the medication that our lovely government forced him to have for treatment – and then they don’t want to pay for the consequences.

        Leave the drugs out of it, it was from the medication.

      • jnj said

        wait until you have a problem the Govt won’t pay for. You will see. Drug habits omitted! Just sayin’!

  8. Tyler said

    Hi, well i tryed rhis ut now witj floss, i use goody hair band you can get them for 5 dollars at walmart, the work good & my teeth had loosend a tiny bit but bot to the poont where it was become savere so you can try thos but IT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK have a blessed day :)

  9. taylor hartwick said

    if i were to try this…… what do i have to get like my supplies? how long does it take?

    • Xeno said

      supplies: dental floss, false teeth in case you make yours fall out by trying to move them too fast.

      time: about 2 Years.

      Better to develop tongue and lip habits that move your teeth to where they should be. That also takes years but isn’t very risky .

      • kategladstone said

        How do I develop those “tongue and lip habits” to reposition the teeth to where they should be? What do I have to do?

  10. Melvina said

    Where is Sandy, did she come back with more info…I would like to know precisely what Sandy did and is it still working for her. I heard when you straighten your teeth, they soon want to go back to being crooked so what did Sandy use to anchor them…..

  11. nanci said

    to keep teeth from not going back crooked use a retainer, you can buy one online

  12. jordan said

    Well I have one messed up tooth it it one to the left (when looking at me) from my 2 front teeth it is really annoying and I am refusing to get braces for a year just to have one tooth straightened its not that out of line but is slightly and It is slightly annoying to have but I will live.

  13. john said

    people are so [screw]ing stupid dude, do you know how much more braces pull on your teeth compared to a rubber band or a piece of floss?

    • Xeno said

      I asked an orthodontist how much force the wire puts on teeth to move them. It isn’t a lot, but it is constant and consistent, and you need that over a long time to move your teeth without having them fall out.

  14. Linnea said

    I think there is always a possibility to do things like this by yourself. Im pretty sure your teeth will give you some good painful hints before they decide to fall out;)
    I do agree that dentists know a looot more then me about the danger of messing with teeth but still, people has got their teeth messed up huge by dentists and paid lots of money for it..
    I straightened my teeth, bleached and polished/ filed them down myself. No one believes me though they think I paid lots of money for it..

  15. m.c. said

    It’s great that people have Independent ideas, and logically come up with solutions that can help resolve the problem; I also believe that people should have the Basic Right to Dental Treatment, as they should have the Basic Right to Healthcare of their own Choice. And.. I believe that Tax-payers money should be put towards THESE IMPORTANT MATTERS, TO CARE FOR THE PEOPLE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO GOVERN, RATHER THAN GREEDY GOVERNMENT LAVISHLY SQUANDERING IT ON THEIR OWN PERSONAL MEANS.

  16. Rachel said

    I’m buying a Hawley retainer online. I have a pretty intense overbite that I’ve endure throughout high school. I began treatment at several orthodonists as a preteen/teenager, but my parents could never afford to keep up with the appointments. Now I’m in my 20’s and had recently begun treatment funded by my factory job that pays very little, but yet again, finances prevented me from being able to proceed. In my teens my ortho started me out with a retainer and I certainly noticed a difference in my teeth as they tightened it (They wanted my teeth to shift slightly before braces were put in). I watched as they tightened it slightly about once a month. When my father could’t afford to take me in any more I ended up tightening it on my own at the same pace the ortho was doing it. I did notice a difference in tooth placement over time. After a year my retainer broke and my father couldn’t take me in to replace it. Unfortunately my teeth are right back where they were as a kid. Low and behold! I found this website run by a dental lab, where I can do my own molds, ship them to the lab, and have a custom retainer made for only $150, as opposed to the ortho’s $200-per-appointment fees (Fuck that shit). I ordered it today, but after seeing your comments I am going to be extremely cautious with the adjustments, so I don’t lose my teeth in the process. Despite what everyone online says, yes, a retainer CAN move your teeth. I’m thinking about tracking my process via blog, but I’d be happy to check back into this forum and tell you how it goes in a year or two! If you have money and a debit/credit card look into Neobrite. I’ve considered EVERY at home option, but this seems like the more reliable and safe option.

  17. Lulu said

    I used my phone cable. tied it from my upper teeth to the back of my neck. every morning and evening for as long as i can. i saw a difference in two days. #crazy things u do when ur desperate#

  18. Tabetha said

    I really doubt your teeth will FALL OUT if you attempt to straighten them yourself. Sheesh! I had an orthodontist put braces on me & then I moved. Well, I just bought the stuff on ebay to change my own wires & elastics for a while. Then I got the special removal tools & took them off. They look great! I didn’t use a retainer & a couple lower teeth are a tad crooked but you can barely tell. It’s been about 10 years since I took them off. I write them for under 2 years. No regrets. The only thing I didn’t do was glue on the brackets. Seems pretty easy if you bought the self-etching one-step adhesive (self curing…not light cure)…and do lots of research. I’d do it! You could either spend about $100-$150 buying all the right stuff off Ebay to do it yourself or you could spend up to $5,000 & have aton of appointments to go to. I’ve never heard of anyone’s teeth falling out from doing their own braces.

  19. Tabetha said

    I have a friend who wants braces & I’m buying the stuff off Ebay. After her teeth are straight, we just plan to go to Amazon.com or Ebay & pay for a retainer to be made for her. A couple hundred bucks & she’ll be all fixed up! I’ve had braces & I’ve changed my own wires & bands & I’ve done tons of research online so I’m pretty confident I know how it all works. My top front teeth were reused out away from each other with a gap between. One of them was sitting kinda sideways and in front of the tooth beside it. The bottom teeth were crooked & I had a crossbite. Doesn’t seem that difficult to straighten them if you’re careful. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so that helps. If you have any questions, you can email me. Don’t email me any negative things tho. I’m not saying this is for everyone & I don’t need a lecture… tabethajean AT yahoo.com

    • Lilly said

      I have my two front teeth crooked and would like to straighten them out. Can you please tell me what I need to buy and step by step to make them straight. Thank you!

  20. Daniel said

    It sound a bit dangerous , Mot sure I would take that kind of a risk with my teeth. Perhaps I am wrong, where can i found some more detailed info about this procedure ?

  21. David said

    I have the over bite now theirs something with a paper clip glue beads and string never attempted it but will try the this.

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