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Entangled particles face sudden death

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2009

Two particles can become entangled so completely that a change in one immediately affects the other, no matter how far away it is. Until now, scientists have assumed such a marriage would endure forever.

But in a paper published today in the journal Science, two physicists show that entangled particles can suddenly and irrevocably lose their connection, a phenomenon called Entanglement Sudden Death, or ESD.

“The degree of information entangled can disappear faster than the information itself,” said Joseph Eberly, a physicist at the University of Rochester, who, along with Ting Yu, co-authored the paper. “It’s completely non-classical physics.”

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Entanglement is one of the stranger products of quantum mechanics, the area of physics that allows objects to fall through tables and postulates that teleportation is possible.

There are a variety of ways to entangle particles, depending on what kind of particles you’re working with.

Particles of light, called photons, for example, can be entangled by shining high-energy beams on beta barium borate crystals. A high-energy photon breaks down into two lower-energy photons that, for example, may spin in opposite directions. If the spin of one photon is known, the spin of the other can be deduced, no matter how far apart the two become.

As those entangled particles move through the environment, other particles and fields degrade the connection — but some ties remain, it has long been thought.

Eberly describes the previous model of entangled particle decay like radioactive half-life — the period of time over which half of a given radioactive material will decay into other elements. No matter how much time passes, there will still be at least a tiny speck of radioactive material there.

What works for radioactive material does not work for entangled particles, say Eberly and Yu. Instead of slow decay, there is a sudden and abrupt death. The two particles remain, but the link between them is destroyed.

“This is a feature that people did not expect,” said Bei Lok Hu, a professor of physcis at the University of Maryland. Even stranger, said Hu, is that suddenly disentangled particles can just as suddenly be reborn.

via Entangled particles face sudden death – Discovery.com- msnbc.com.

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Boys With Unpopular Names More Likely to Break Law

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2009

Boys in the United States with common names like Michael and David are less likely to commit crimes than those named Ernest or Ivan.

David E. Kalist and Daniel Y. Lee of Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania compared the first names of male juvenile delinquents to the first names of male juveniles in the population. The researchers constructed a popularity-name index (PNI) for each name. For example, the PNI for Michael is 100, the most frequently given name during the period. The PNI for

David is 50, a name given half as frequently as Michael. The PNI is approximately 1 for names such as Alec, Ernest, Ivan, Kareem, and Malcolm.

Results show that, regardless of race, juveniles with unpopular names are more likely to engage in criminal activity. The least popular names were associated with juvenile delinquency among both blacks and whites.

The findings, announced today, are detailed in the journal Social Science Quarterly.

While the names are likely not the cause of crime, the researchers argue that “they are connected to factors that increase the tendency to commit crime, such as a disadvantaged home environment, residence in a county with low socioeconomic status, and households run by one parent.”

“Also, adolescents with unpopular names may be more prone to crime because they are treated differently by their peers, making it more difficult for them to form relationships,” according to a statement released by the journal’s publisher. “Juveniles with unpopular names may also act out because they consciously or unconsciously dislike their names.”

The findings could help officials ” identify individuals at high risk of committing or recommitting crime, leading to more effective and targeted intervention programs,” the authors conclude.

via Boys With Unpopular Names More Likely to Break Law | LiveScience.

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UFO over Germany official – says air traffic control

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2009

UFO over Germany official - says air traffic control Crack Luftwaffe fighter pilots were scrambled in a UFO drama over German airspace, it emerged today (Thursday).

The mystery object was tracked moving across the entire country at high speed after being spotted by Germany’s air traffic controllers on January 19.

Now an official report into the UFO sighting is being compiled by the country’s air traffic safety office, the DFS.

Investigators have already checked and excluded conventional aircraft, weather balloons and freak atmospheric conditions.

“We have ruled out all the conventional possibilities – it is a mystery,” said DFS spokesman Axel Raab.

German air force jets were put on red alert and there were dozens of reports of the object as it flew across southern Germany including several airports which were put on emergency standby.

It eventually vanished above Grafenwoehr, an area used by American troops on training exercises.

Raab said: “When it vanished from the radar we believed that whatever it was had crashed – but there was no crash site to be seen.

“It is a complete mystery. It confused radar operators because it kept flicking on and off the screen as if some of the time it just wasn’t there. Then it simply vanished completely into thin air.”

via Austrian Times – Home > Around the World > UFO over Germany official – says air traffic control.

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Secret UFO archives opened

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2009

The Danish Air Force has opened its UFO archives, providing information on over 15,000 reported extraterrestrial sightings to the public UFO archives are now readily available to the public, detailing sightings from over the last 30 years. The Danish Air…

UFO archives are now readily available to the public, detailing sightings from over the last 30 years. The Danish Air Force published the archive online yesterday because it felt that ‘there was nothing secret in the files’.

The Air Force said that most of the sightings remained ‘unidentified’ because the details were not precise enough. However, some of the reports contained enough description to rule out the UFOs as aircraft, weather phenomenon or paper lanterns.

Not all of the sightings were centred over Denmark and one event over Greenland is attracting attention.

On the 5 January, 1981 at 12:50 a flaming, square disc was seen approximately 45 degrees over the frozen land near Thule Air Base. It then vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

Coincidentally, radar stations at the American base recorded an unidentified flying object on its radar at 12:50.

Air Force Captain Thomas Petersen, who has an extensive knowledge of the files, commented that any unresolved sightings are handed over to the Scandinavian UFO Centre, if they request it.

He added that the Air Force’s main mission was to defend Denmark against threat, ‘and UFOs are not a known threat’.

via jp.dk – Secret UFO archives opened.

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Hospital calls in exorcist after ghost spotted

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2009

Staff at Derby’s new City General, soon to be renamed the Royal Hospital, which is built on the original City General site, claim a black-clad figure wearing a cloak is stalking the corridors and wards. Senior manager Debbie Butler has now reportedly briefed the terrified employees via email, explaining that they have hired an exorcist to come and rid the £334 million hospital of their unwanted visitor.

She explained: “I’m not sure how many of you are aware that some members of staff have reported seeing a ghost. “I’m taking it seriously as the last thing I want is staff feeling uneasy.”

She added: “I don’t want to scare anyone any more than necessary, but felt it was best I made you all aware of the situation and what we are doing about it. “I’ve spoken to the Trust’s chaplain and she is going to arrange for someone from the cathedral to exorcise the department.”

One source told The Sun: “There have been dozens of sightings over recent weeks and people are scared witless. “Several have seen a male figure cloaked from had to toe in black darting between rooms and through walls – especially in departments near the morgue.

“It’s affected morale so much that bosses decided they had to act.”

The Catholic Church only uses exorcism as a last resort and the ritual must be pre-approved by a bishop. A spokesman for the Bishop of Derby said: “Any case such as this is put to the Bishop. “He would seek proper advice before taking action.”

One theory is the figure could be the ghost of a Roman soldier killed on the spot where the original hospital was built in the 1920s. Developers ignored protests covering over part of one of Ancient Britain’s main Roman Roads.

via Hospital calls in exorcist after ghost spotted – Telegraph.

See Black-Cloaked Entity, and here is another from Sacramento. I was just talking with someone last night about ghosts and the fact that I don’t believe in them. I have seen one working late at night at my job, but to this day I assume it was a janitor in my peripheral vision. I assume I just got my brain wires crossed about which way it went, because when I went to check behind the door with no other exits, nothing was there.

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Feds allege plot to destroy Fannie Mae data

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2009

A fired Fannie Mae contract worker pleaded not guilty on Friday to charges he planted a virus designed to destroy all the data on the mortgage giant’s 4,000 computer servers nationwide, according to federal prosecutors.

If the virus had been released as planned on Saturday, the Justice Department said the disruption could have cost millions of dollars and shut down operations for a week at the largest U.S. mortgage finance company.

Rajendrasinh B. Makwana, 35, of Glen Allen, Va., pleaded not guilty Friday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore to one count of computer intrusion, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

Makwana’s federal public defender did not immediately return a call seeking comment on the allegation.

Makwana, a citizen of India, was fired early on the afternoon of Oct. 24 from his job at Fannie Mae’s data center in Urbana, about 35 miles from the company’s Washington headquarters, according to court records. An affidavit states he was fired for erroneously writing programming instructions two weeks earlier that changed the settings on high-speed computers called servers that are connected to multiple network users.

Before surrendering his Fannie Mae badge and laptop computer at the end of the day Oct. 24, Makwana “intentionally and without authorization caused and attempted to cause damage to Fannie Mae’s computer network by entering malicious code,” according to an indictment returned Tuesday.

The code, if executed this Saturday as planned, “would have resulted in destroying and altering all of the data on Fannie Mae servers,” the indictment states.

According to the affidavit signed by FBI Special Agent Jessica A. Nye Jan. 6, a Fannie Mae engineer discovered the malicious instructions by chance Oct. 29. The programming instructions were removed that day and did no harm, according to the affidavit.

Had the virus been released, “it would have caused millions of dollars of damage and reduced if not shut down operations” for at least a week, Nye wrote.

The damage would have included cleaning out and restoring all 4,000 servers, restoring and securing the automation of mortgages and restoring all data that was erased, the FBI agent wrote. – ap

I can’t even begin to comprehend what would happen to our economy if all records of mortgage loans (even backups) were destroyed.

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Volcano in Alaska could erupt within days

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2009

April 21, 1990 Mt. Redoubt Eruption!Mount Redoubt volcano in Alaska could erupt within days to weeks, say scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey, amazing the rest of us with their certainty.

Here’s what makes them so sure: Magma rising toward the surface from beneath a volcano like Redoubt can cause earthquakes and other seismic rumblings. And seismic activity at Redoubt, which is 106 miles (170 km) southwest of Anchorage, has increased recently.

“If you’re going to bring magma to the surface you’ve got to break rock, and every time rocks break at the subsurface beneath a volcano, that’s an earthquake,” said volcanologist Charles Mandeville of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. “They’re recording a whole bunch of earthquakes almost continuously right now,” he said, referring to scientists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory in Anchorage.

Ring of Fire

Location of Mount RedoubtThere are more than 40 active volcanoes in Alaska, many of which are situated on the Aleutian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Redoubt’s neighboring volcano Mount Augustine (located 177 miles, or 285 km southwest of Anchorage) last blew its top in 2006.

In fact, the Aleutian Island chain makes up the northern part of the Ring of Fire, which circles the Pacific Ocean and produces frequent activity along the coasts and interior regions of North and South American and Japan. The Ring of Fire is considered one of the most volcanically and seismically active regions in the world.

The Aleutian Islands are themselves the result of volcanic activity, forming as the Pacific plate dives beneath, or “subducts,” the North American plate. More than 75 percent of the world’s volcanoes lie along the Ring of Fire, where tectonic plates dive beneath other plates.

Need to vent

Mandeville, who has studied Mount Augustine volcano, said that the Alaska-based scientists are reporting both more earthquakes and higher intensity ones at Redoubt in the past eight hours. “The amount that the ground is actually shaking is increasing,” Mandeville told LiveScience.

At this point, scientists from the Alaska Volcano Observatory are monitoring Redoubt around the clock. Redoubt rises to a height of 10,197 feet (3,108 meters). To predict a coming eruption, scientists also watch for certain gases, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, emanating out of a vent along the volcano, Mandeville said.

“It’s in a period that we call restlessness,” said U.S. Geological Survey Volcano Hazards Program Coordinator John Eichelberger, in a recent podcast. “We expect an eruption in a matter of days or weeks. The strongest evidence for this is small earthquakes indicative of the movement of gas pressurizing the interior of the volcano.”

Predicting what might come includes looking at Redoubt’s past.

The volcano last erupted explosively nearly 20 years ago, beginning in December 1989 and lasting for months, sending ash plumes 40,000 feet (12,000 meters) into the air and causing engine failure in a 747 jet, which eventually landed safely. Ash also interrupted commercial air traffic into and out of Anchorage. … – livesci

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Rock reveals moon had liquid metal core

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2009

Astronaut Harrison H. SchmittOne of the most enduring mysteries stemming from the Apollo moon missions is why rocks brought back to Earth for analysis are magnetized.

There’s no magnetic field on the moon today and scientists suspect it had always been too small to form a core like Earth’s that could generate a field by the flow of liquid metal.

That left just one theory to account for lunar magnetism — successions of short-lived fields caused by shock waves from meteoroid impacts.

Last week, a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology delivered a magnetic history of samples from one of the most ancient and pristine rocks in the Apollo collection. The finding rules out the theory of magnetization from impacts and suggests that the only other plausible explanation is that the moon, though small, did indeed have a liquid metal core.

“This rock was heated up only twice in its history,” said MIT graduate student Ian Garrick-Bethell, lead author of a study published in Science. “When rocks cool, they lock in the magnetic fields around them. We found two magnetized events in its history.”

Neither event happened quickly, such as what would be the case with a short-lived magnetic field stemming from an impact, Garrick-Bethell told Discovery News.

“Impacts that create (magnetic) fields are transient,” he added. “They don’t last long, not more than a day.”

Samples of the rock, estimated to be 4.2 billion years old, show that the rock cooled twice in its history, first for millions of years and a second time for thousands of years.

The rock, retrieved by the Apollo 17 astronauts during the final foray to the moon in 1972, also shows no physical or mineralogical signs of being physically altered by impact events. …

via Rock reveals moon had liquid metal core – Discovery.com- msnbc.com.

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Global warming is ‘irreversible’

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2009

Generating station in Sun Valley, CaliforniaA team of environmental researchers in the US has warned many effects of climate change are irreversible.

The scientists concluded global temperatures could remain high for 1,000 years, even if carbon emissions can somehow be halted.

The report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Colorado comes as President Obama announces a review of vehicle emission standards.

It appears in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The scientists have been researching global warming and the consequences for policymakers. …

via BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Global warming is ‘irreversible’.

Enjoy the ice storms while we can, I guess.

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UFO Flashback, Navy Nuclear Sub Encounters Flying V UFO

Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2009

U.S. Navy Sailor: “I was assigned to USS Memphis (SSN-698), home port Titusville, FL. (Cape Canaveral.) Our mission was Special Assignments which meant we protected the Space Program. We would go to sea and patrol while the shuttle was on the pad.

“On October 24 and 25, 1989, my ship (submarine) was on patrol about 150 miles off the Florida coast. We were cruising at about 500 feet (below the ocean surface) when the submarine started experiencing electronics problems. The ship was malfunctioning, our tanks were blowing out of control, we were losing navigation ability and the communications area was totally lost. We went to all stop and tried to access what was happening. The controls in the (nuclear) reactor area started to malfunction. This presented a serious danger to our safety, so the captain ordered us to shut down the reactor, surface and go to diesel motors.

“When the ship surfaced, I went to my watch station. The ship was still experiencing electronic difficulties, but the mechanical devices such as diesel engines, cook stoves, and turbines were fine. It was raining and the entire sky was red like a red neon sign. I saw a large inverted V-shaped UFO off the port side. The executive officer told me to stand fast and he would speak to the captain. In a minute, the captain appeared on the tower and asked me for a distance to the craft. The laser range finder determined the closest point was 200 meters and the farthest point was 1,000 meters off the port. The UFO was not perpendicular to our ship, but at about a 45-degree angle. This huge vessel was over a half mile across. The UFO made a half circle around our ship and then passed across the stern causing our electronics systems to go crazy. We had permanent damage in communications and the sonar room.

“As the craft flew over the stern, I could see the rain stop under its red glow. The water seemed to rise almost a foot as the UFO passed over silently. When the UFO finished its swing across the stern, it paused – the sky got brighter red and it simply moved off at tremendous speed inside 15 seconds. When the UFO left, our boat returned to normal with the exception of the radio and sonar. We did a quick system check and the captain ordered us to return to reactor power and get underway.

“The captain took two petty officers, the executive officer, and myself into the wardroom. He told us to not spread any rumors until we had a chance to talk to Commander Submarine Fleet – Atlantic. We reached port in about 7 hours where I was taken into ‘protective custody.’ Two enlisted men and myself agreed we had witnessed a real UFO. I was the one who shot it with a laser range finder, so I was the only one that had its exact sizes. I shot that vessel as it hovered and I got solid readings – not spotty like I would on debris.

“We were in holding for about three hours when an officer from the U. S. Air Force arrived and gave us a line of bull about an exploding weather satellite. The Navy then transferred virtually everyone on the crew to new assignments. This included the captain, the executive officer and the entire crew. They were split up, which almost never happens unless one of them gets a promotion or a new command, neither of which happened. The military just split up a 4-year team. I was watching a program tonight that gave me the courage to share this.” – earthfiles

One of these airborne? ;-)

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